0016 survey / 30th November 2011

Aliquantulus diligo est etiam / double animations -1. To follow... this, endless to this, doubled up, to-ing and fro-ing from our 879 fingers... 

58 pieces of music         11 short-films

Anthony Donovan and Clive Graham: Recorded live and improvised direct to hard-disc recorder, in Northampton, England on 4th November 2011. Edited from a 60 minute performance. AD: admachine, laptop, electronics, mics / CG: tape-machine, electronics, mic.

Anthony Donovan and Ian Linter: Extracted from a simultaneous live transmission, with Anthony Donovan and Ian Linter applying abstractions from different locations: United Kingdom and France. An absolute act of improvisation after the render Myth & recording passion for Lodovico Series 9. Recorded Wednesday, number 19/10 in 2011. Anthony Donovan (Murmurists): Artist, musician, writer, composer, working solo as Murmurists. Improviser - with Vultures Quartet, Donovan/Graham, and others. Member of Lux P0G0 and the.clinamen. Ardent collaborator. Co-founder of Classwar Karaoke. Erstwhile academic. Born North West England; now Middle-England. Mid40s; moderately-healthy. Interests all either obscure or intentionally opaque, but morally authentic. // Zither - with contact mic and guitar pick-up, homemade light-sensitive analogue synthesiser (made by Adrian Beentjes), digital synthesiser, 4 string electric bass, 6 string acoustic guitar, loop station, digital delay, analague flanger, digital multi-effects, distortion, mini-amp/speaker with contact mic, electric toothbrush, electric fan, cello bow, objects, balloons, radio, microphone, walkie-talkie (x 2), glass slide, crocodile clips //http://murmurists.blogspot.com / Ian Linter: Electro-organic immediatism in any possible structure through a real-time feedback series of necessary events: OLoF NiNe, ACT9, Airf'Auga, Massacre Divino, La Main Traumatique with Joséphine Muller, Plasma, RTP... Ian Linter turns the third axis created by Bórgia Ginz and mirrored by Juca Pimentel. “Non musika Excentrica IN! For electronikal renoise Key. Submit Random Science & reduction. Overflow cast Numar is for Den emon exp & la mort pour Vitas body convolution.” // Sampler N and generator 23 for chroma in multi domains, pad OFF multi, effects Zoomer for bleed interference, controlled mic, ohmed guitar, pG guitar, can 2d, can 4, can 9, ohmed flute, screws 23# and zen#a, meta-Artaud, surfaces A - D // http://astrangerparadise.com/ianlinter

Anthony Donovan and John Hyatt: On My Way Home to You was made by John Hyatt and Anthony Donovan, in Manchester and Northampton, England, respectively, in November 2011. Words and arrangement by John Hyatt / Music by Anthony Donovan. Image by John Hyatt and Anthony Donovan.

BBBlood: [...]

Bob Ostertag: Like A Melody, No Bitterness: Bob Ostertag Solo Volume 1. (1997). Solo improvisation. Seeland 508. Re-issued in MVORL limited edition in 2001. [Seeland 508]

Bonnie MacAllister: Bonnie MacAllister renders moments in multimedia:  documentary photography, abstract paintings, film, and performance.  Her writing has been published by Paper Tiger Media (Brisbane), nth Position (UK), Grasp(Czech Republic), and Dead Drunk Dublin (Ireland). Recent stagings of her plays were at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, the Shubin Theatre, and the Adrienne Theatre. She has performed at NYFA and the Cat Cat Club in Paris.  She has recently shown her visual artwork at the Delaware Art Museum, Galeria 6 (Mexico), the Center for Green Urbanism (DC), University of Pennsylvania, Montclair State University (NJ), and Florissant Valley Art Gallery in St. Louis, MO.   She lives in West Philadelphia / Fighting the Creep, text by Bonnie MacAllister, music by Bonnie MacAllister / Fighting the Creep He searches for wires in the shrubs, He’d let them grow twenty feet tall To avoid the surveillance. Is there a microphone in pots? A transmitter behind gate? Or only malaria in tubs? He’d heard about how in Texas The government stalked an activist. Crowed at him from perches, Cooed at him like magpies, Scratched out his eyes, Blotted out his lips. So he built his own compound Of vine and soot, Grafted trees from roots, Let the bamboo take over, It builds a log cabin with each season. He fashions himself in topiary. Should the root sit too deep, It carves out in millipede shaped shreds, Sheds a skin, brown on bronze, Leaves an imprint in the rust, Takes fingerprints in fossils. He carves out the indentations.

Bonnie MacAllister with Victor Thompson: Bonnie MacAllister renders moments in multimedia:  documentary photography, abstract paintings, film, and performance. Her writing has been published by Paper Tiger Media (Brisbane), nth Position (UK), Grasp(Czech Republic), and Dead Drunk Dublin (Ireland). Recent stagings of her plays were at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, the Shubin Theatre, and the Adrienne Theatre. She has performed at NYFA and the Cat Cat Club in Paris.  She has recently shown her visual artwork at the Delaware Art Museum, Galeria 6 (Mexico), the Center for
Green Urbanism (DC), University of Pennsylvania, Montclair State University (NJ), and Florissant Valley Art Gallery in St. Louis, MO. She lives in West Philadelphia. Victor Thompson has written plays, made movies, performed original poetry, created found sculpture, and developed pictures on the electron microscope.  He studied in Avignon in 1978, and he taught science as a Peace Corps volunteer in Liberia in 1981.  He now works in the gross anatomy lab of a medical school.

Bunfly: Spent more years than I can remember playing bass guitar with psychedelic post punk rock band Poisoned Electrick Head. Hazy days indeed!! Spent the last 10yrs trying to recover!! The time is now right to continue my audio adventure and I'll be more than happy for you (if you so choose) to tag along. This piece is excerpt of a 45m 53s composition based around insects. It centres around a poem by Rachel Bond. Music: http://soundcloud.com/bunfly Video: http://vimeo.com/bunfly Facebook: Under the name Bunfly

Cagey House: My UFO Abduction / I was taken back when things were in black and white. It was on a summer's afternoon, under an iron grey sky. I didn't see the ship, or even hear it. The beam just hit me and I flew up into the air. I was ten feet off the ground before I could blink. And the beam tickled. Really tickled, really hard, like when somebody is tickling you and won't stop. I was laughing and then screaming, because I was convulsing all around and I thought I would jerk myself out of the beam and fall. I was really upset, and I was crying when I landed in the ship. The aliens saw this, and they were pretty cool--small wrinkled grey things, looking at me out of big black eyes. One had this nasty looking probe in his hand--like a can opener, but much bigger, and he just kind of slowly pulled it behind his back and put it down. They motioned me to this circular couch thing and I sat down, and they all took chairs around me. I was still all sniffly from crying, and pretty embarrassed. One of them asked how old I was, and I answered. One asked me how I liked school, and I said, "It's okay." Then another asked me what my favorite subject was, and I said, "Lunch," and they all laughed. Then one asked me if I had any pets, and I said that yea, I had a dog; and another asked me what it's name was and I said, "Michael," and they thought that was funny, too. The third one asked me if I got an allowance, and I told him that I got seventy-five cents a week. He said that that was pretty good, and that my parents were generous. Then one of them asked me if I had any questions for them, and I asked what planet they were from. He said they were from a place very far away, and that they had left a very long time ago. So long ago, in fact, that people from their planet whose grandparents weren't even born when they left were now out in space in fancy new spaceships. He said that they met these guys sometimes and could hardly recognize them as being from the same planet. I said that was sad, and he said that's the way things go when you go so far. Then he said that it was time for me to leave, "because it was a school night." I waved, and then I felt the beam again, but it didn't tickle going down. It felt warm, like a nice blanket. It was night outside, even thought it didn't seem like I had been there that long, and the ship was a lot higher in the sky. As I drifted down, I could see the stars really close. It was like I could touch them. Really touch them, not just say I could touch them. And it was like the sky was black paper, and the stars were just holes with lights shining through. And, really, I could have put my actual finger into one of the holes, but I didn't because I was afraid of tearing the sky. When I hit the ground I was all sleepy from the beam, and I laid right down on the grass. That's where the Sheriff found me the next morning. Man, did I get in trouble.

Carlos Ramirez: Carlos Ramirez project was created with many passages of life in time memory projections embodied in sound's, creating a vision beyond the past to confront the present and be connected to a near future.....through forgotten sounds.

Chevo Légé: [...]

Chris Lynn: Chris H Lynn is a sound Artist, filmmaker, and curator from Maryland. His sound pieces consist of field recordings, ambient pieces, and soundtracks from his films. His works have been released on various net labels such as Just Not Normal; Electronic Musik; Misspelled Records; Kandala Records; and Earth Monkey to name a few. He frequently post new tracks on  Framing Sounds his blog. His mini DV images and super 8 films deal primarily with urban and rural landscapes. Many of his works are studies of the extant, transitional relationship between humanity and the surrounding landscape and soundscape. Chris Lynn also curated the Experimental Film Program "Urban/Rural Landscapes" for the Utopia Film Festival in Greenbelt, Md and the Takoma Park Experimental film festival in Maryland 2010.

Cloud Cloud: Cloud Cloud is the moniker taken on by Michael Durek– multi-instrumentalist and music-maker. Though based in NYC, Durek has showcased his theremin and music-making skills in six countries, and plays with or has shared the stage with PAS, The Sk Orchestra, Vultures Quartet, Philippe Petit (BiP_Hop), Valerie Kuehne, Pascal Hector of DataShock, and Rachel Mason.  He has performed at Faust’s Avante Garde Festival 2010 as well as CocArt festival Torun, Poland in 2010 both with PAS, and Kunstzwerg festival in Zweibrucken Germany with his group, the SK Orchestra in 2011. In 2010 he won an Emergency Grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Art to tour Europe. The new Cloud Cloud music is electronic and pulsitile, but free and makes use of sounds, new sounds, that Durek concocts in his studio – making use of different synthesizers, field recordings, and by endlessly playing around with chopping, slicing, attacking, and using different filters and recording techniques. On stage, Durek has a powerful energy and is adept at doing a lot with a little.  Performances include found objects, theremin, new and old synths, and samples.

Clutter: Clutter - Ending Tears (5:51) / Clutter is the solo musical project of Shaun Blezard. Working in the fields of electro-acoustic improvisation, ambient, music concrete and many things between, Clutter has toured extensively and released music with Sonic Oyster Records, Apollolaan, Earth Monkey Productions, Electronic Musik, Clinical Archives and many others. The current Clutter set up includes laptop, iPhone, Korg Monotron, Mintendo DS, Bass guitar and host of effects pedals, used in different combinations. ‘A kind of dark, swirling chamber kosmiche/ambient tangent, Clutter has created something organic & cerebral from contributed noises & sounds which he has re-arranged & processed to create something quite wonderful. I don’t   particularly want to rattle on too much about this as the music is of a rich, fascinating quality, ‘Live at the Bombed Out Church‘ takes you right off on a dream-like astral plain. Does this church exist? If so, I want to go.’ 5/5 Norman Records / Ending Tears is an improvisation using iPhone and bass with fx. Rather than making loops I’ve been working with long delays with long feedback settings to create evolving atmospheres and giving me something to improvise to. http://shaunblezard.net http://clutter.bandcamp.com/

Crank Sturgeon: About Crank: Yes. Yes, yes yes (yes) yes yes (twice for more mirth), and yes /  http://www.cranksturgeon.com http://www.cranksturgeon.blogspot.com http://www.last.fm/music/Crank+Sturgeon http://www.soundcloud.com/user6719786 http://www.cranksturgeon.podomatic.com

Daniel Thompson and Matt Chilton: Figs and Pomegranates by Daniel Thompson and Matt Chilton

Matt Chilton (aka Astromertia - http://astrometria.co.uk) and Daniel Thompson started playing and performing together in the spring of 2011. They decided to explore the realms of electro-acoustic music as a duo with Thompson playing acoustic guitar and occasional percussion and Chilton using computer based realtime processing of the acoustic sounds using PureData. This piece was recorded live in Chilton's home studio in November 2011. Their music is free improvisation and they let the music take them where it wants to go.

EHEIM 1000.220: Track name: imitation_04 . l'escalade du mont ventoux / Artist: eheim 1000.220 (trumpet by Julian Ducati). When I made this little track I was thinking of all the common myths of capitalism and market liberalism. And I was thinking of Tom Simpson, who died in 1967 during the Tour de France, just because he believed that an eycatching performace while climbing the steep hills of Mont Ventoux with his bike would bring him the desired and badly needed contract with sponsors for the coming year.

Elizabeth Veldon: I'm a Noise Artist working primarily with found sounds, loops, samples, feedback tones and sine waves. Ahmad Zahir was a 1970's Afghan singer who was killed for being critical of the country's communist government.  The track uses a sample of Mahwash singing 'Garkonad Saheb-e-Man'

GX Jupitter-Larsen: GX Jupitter-Larsen is based in Hollywood, California. During the 1990s he was the sound designer for the performances of Mark Pauline's Survival Research Laboratories. His best known work stems from being the founder and only constant member of the noise act The Haters. The current performance being staged by The Haters is a piece entitled "Loud Luggage / Booming Baggage" in which amplified suitcases burst, crackle, and explode with sound. Underlying much of Jupitter-Larsen's work is a self-created lexicon consisting mainly of personalized units of measurement such as the polywave, the totimorphous, and the xylowave. The Loud Luggage performance is a sonic reference to the xylowave which GX Jupitter-Larsen defines as the distance between nothing and something.

Ian Linter: We ondulado nas periferias Master dos sonhos In Front Mask sumido e teso. Parafernálias de encontros M nas encostas da perturbação Suma. http://astrangerparadise.com/ianlinter

Jamison Williams: VB(F)05 "for Louise Hunter" / Jamison Williams (alto saxophone) "this dedication to Louise Hunter examines the intensity of a woman's chosen craft; committed and genuine, this gripping biographical detail unravels the stimulating reveal found in a personality unwilling to restrain to social taboos." www.vantagebulletin.com Jamison Williams, soprano/alto saxophone improviser specializing in experimental deconstructionism, and extended techniques; currently organizing and operating the music publishing label, Vantage Bulletin. Resides in Jacksonville, Florida

Jared C. Balogh: ARTIST NAME: JARED C. BALOGH / TRACK NAME: Q+-Q=0 (Q) / E-MAIL/URL'S: http://www.shadowentitywizard.blogspot.com and/or http://www.myspace.com/baloghmma

Jeff Gburek with Chester Szmiada: "The Watermark" began in August 2011, intended to integrate my melodically oriented acoustic music with my electro-acoustic and digital sound art. The complete cd was finished only a week ago and includes 7 tracks and 3 collaborations. This piece is a departure from the bulk of "The Watermark" only in that I took up the Jupiter bass recorder as the device for articulating melodies. Vocals by Chester Szmiada, an old friend, collaborated by sending me a voice to use over time. If you are interested in a limited edition copy of "The Watermark" with original hand-painted covers, please contact me. jeff.gburek@gmail.com  Personal website: www.futurevessel.com/orphansound  and also find Jeff Gburek on Soundcloud.

John Hyatt and David Moss: A new track by John Hyatt (ex The Three Johns) and David Moss (part of M4SK 22). Marble Garden video was filmed in Portugal by Liz Hyatt

Jo Pearson and John Hyatt: What she heard on the radio Firstly it seemed quite logical Boring figures and facts About all things meteorlogical She could never have forecast The things that she heard next Apparently nearby In some other universe Where stuff sometimes happened Upside down and in reverse The Wind and the Sun had been fighting It had been A 40 days and 40 nights thing About Some sort of supply and demand thing The Wind he would blow profusely Then the Sun would shine intensely It seemed to be neverending With no chance of it ever resolvingThough it was a sight to behold The wind's heavy breathing The sun's mouth melting But If the truth be told It was getting pretty boring Nevertheless they stopped the show When in the distance down below They saw approach an Ordinary Joe Kitted out in his Sunday Best On closer inspection the traveller wore A golden crown and jewels on his chest ‘Perhaps now we can put this to rest’ Said the Wind to the Sun ‘Move over and I’ll show you how it's done’ I’ll blow off that Little Prince’s clothes Down to his right royal bones’ The Sun now smiled quite benignly And watched with feigned interest As the Wind prepared to have fun The Wind blew ‘til he was blue in the face The clouds were in a mess And as they raced across the sky Our Noble Traveller cursed and cried And became quite distressed And as he thought he had met his fate He wrapped himself even more tightly In his glistening cape When the Sun then rose to the challenge to derobe The Majestic Traveller The earth became as hot as lava
And the king began to sweat Under the weight Of his cloak and his corona He grew red and threw them off And quickly ran for cover Into a forest Where he found a river Into which he jumped And was gone forever

Jurica Jelic: A contemporary composer and fretless guitarist from Croatia, who represents his work in a form of instrumental, electroacoustic, electronic music and sound art.
He learned his first chords from his father at an early age and started playing bass and guitar in few local bands in his teens. Over the years his affinity towards rock, blues, jazz and experimental music was constantly developed and along with it, curiosity for finding new sounds and unexplored areas.
At age 20 he discovered a fretless guitar and wonderful world of non-twelve tone tuning systems by the help of microtonal guitar player and composer Neil Haverstick. Along with fretless guitar, Jurica started working on a computer and electronic music using Csound and many other sound applications. He started blending acoustic sounds with electronically made ones, woven together with field recordings from various spaces. Along with that, Jurica played fretless guitar and composed (music/lyrics) in the experimental pop band "The Alibor" for 3 years (2007 - 2010). Played live with Croatian band "Vjestice" made some film and theatre scores with Samuel (Srdjan) Sacher and produced/recorded albums for various bands and artists. Jurica made 6 solo albums (Impressions, Sonic Light, Bzz Bzz 3, Vanishing soundprints, Electroacoustic layers) so far and has 2 in works for 2011. So far he performed and collaborated with many artists like Boris Leiner, Srdjan Sacher, Janko Novoselic, Miljan Bakic, Dan Stearns, Marina Vesic, Tony Dubshot, Shaun Sandor (Promute), Momo Mano,... to name a few. At the moment Jurica lives and works in Knin (Croatia) with his partner Mirna and cat Pacho.

Justin Wiggan: this piece is being assumed or inferred improperly, without reasonable ground. this piece is internally inconsistent or self-contradictory, it is impossible to maintain all of its contents at one and the same time (because it would imply affirming and negating the same thing). this piece has implications or effects contrary to itself or negating it. this piece has effects contrary to its own purpose or intent, or contrary to the purpose or intent of someone concerned with it. this piece involves a language which superficially seems to make sense, but turns out to defy logical sense when examined more closely. this piece purports  facts that are claimed to be false or implausible, i.e. not facts at all. this piece is said not to have been definitely established as true, or the likelihood that they are true, has not been established. this piece mentioned implys different stories which cannot be reconciled; accepting a fact would imply another fact which contradicts it in some way (there is overlap here with logical criticism). this pieces is biased; important relevant facts are left out of the story, or the total factual context is ignored. this piece sheds a different light on the issue. this piece is focused upon are not relevant to the purpose of those concerned.

Kalistongue: the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie, the symbols, they are a lie / www.archive.org/details/DegreesOfAbsence andrewhowes.bandcamp.com/indexpage

Kawol and Lezet: Rejoin the matriarch for the chirping noises long overdue.This roster's a lineage and I am not cut  up for this community thing... the events are too cyclical

Letoh: Jean Philippe Saulou / Romuald Fogolin / Frédéric Atlan

M4SK 22: Down and Out by M4SK 22. Music and video by M4SK 22 (David Moss and Simon Woolham)

MaCu: [...]

Mathieu Gaborit and Malik Nejmi: [...]

Mic'Torn and Anton Mobin: A tribute for a friend / A friend in my heart / A heart in the fire / Performed by Mic’Torn and Anton Mobin at The Eight Gallery in Paris, on December 11th, 2009. Mic’Torn manipulated his engraver devices with contact microphones. Anton Mobin played cassettes, feedback and prepared chamber. http://www.artmajeur.com/mictorn/  http://phonoethics.com/surrism-phonoethics_anton_mobin_mictorn_spe_0047.html

Murmurists: Sheela na gig. MARS / Pandoran [ E y e t e e t h ]

One True Dog: Imagine Waking Up is track 7 from One True Dog’s CDR album Walkies. One True Dog are based in S. E. London. Band members are Pete Karkut - Laptop and Percussion, Stephen Elwell - Bass and Zolan Quobble - Voice / IMAGINE WAKING UP: Imagine waking up in the beginning, in the blindness of sleep broken by mumbling premonitions of sentences with real verbs and objects utterly other than the subject of dreams, objects marked with names, which are variations of the noise of breaking skin, the froth released in a pianissimo, sweet, sibilant serpent hiss of language juice, a voice speck in a mask of earth and sky, drowned in background, the applause of birds scattering, branch shaking monkeys, wind rubbing trees, roaring waterfalls, thunder, rain and earthquake, deluged. Now spelling, as if naming was the thing itself, as if there was no context, as if language, despite the untidiness of its rules and the frayed spittle drapery of its bastard music, was the only sound a god could make. In the beginning is a catch-all universe between sphincters, a worm becoming rigid with bone and nerve to carry electric punctuation to break the sound wave into ego digestible portions for proud humans, who imagine controlling the vastness with a dictionary, deaf to the gape of the dumb, stupid animals that swallow more oxygen before plunging down into the wordless oyster bed to come up with exceptions, pearls of exceptions in unexceptional places caught in an aphrodisiac trick of the light that was never prophesied, unless words were planted as flags and not prisons. In the beginning hidden behind lips that edge a cave waits a dark diving board for breath compressed to do a back two and a half somersault with two and a half twists and a pike off to go hunting meaning. In the beginning is a hush like crow wings on a moonless night holding a body pregnant with an egg joke being eaten by an alphabet waiting for the cloaca of shadow trimmed with coal feathers. © Zolan Quobble

OU_pi Golgotha.undead: As rain here, and to sleep, wrapped once again around the breakdown, with the house falling in

Øystein Jørgensen: Asteroid 2005 YU55

Pablo Ribot: QUE FERAIS-JE SANS CE MONDE…. que ferais-je sans ce monde sans
visage sans questions
où être ne dure qu’un instant où
chaque instant
verse dans le vide dans l’oubli d’avoir
été sans cette onde où à la fin
corps et ombre ensemble
que ferais-je sans ce silence gouffre
des murmures
haletant furieux vers le secours vers
sans ce ciel qui s’élève
sur la poussière de ses lests que ferais-je je ferais comme hier
comme aujourd’hui
regardant par mon hublot si je ne suis
pas seul
à errer et à virer loin de toute vie
dans un espace pantin
sans voix parmi les voix
enfermées avec moi (Samuel Beckett) http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Pablo_Ribot/ http://surrism.phonoethics.com/surrism-phonoethics_pablo_ribot_-_conversaciones_con_samuel_beckett_spe_0106.html http://www.myspace.com/pabloribot http://www.discogs.com/artist/Pablo+Ribot#t=Appearances_Compilations&q=&p=1 http://kulturterrorismus.de/news/pablo-ribot-conversaciones-con-samuel-beckett.html http://section27netlabel.blogspot.com/2011/08/s27-078-pablo-ribot-sci-fi-vol.html

Paddy Steer: Paddy is a Zelig-like character along the timeline of Manchester’s musical activity. It’s a testament to his musicality that he has played with such a wide range of music and artists over the years, be it as a bass player, drummer, Hawaiian guitarist etc. or all these roles at the same time. His own Homelife project released five albums in recent years, Homelife's sound was intricate but with a warm sense of wonder, a balance of songs and instrumentals. Many musicians contributed to the Homelife project, brewed slowly by Paddy in his attic before being taken out as a small orchestra for some very unique concerts. Paddy’s attic studio is like the magic workshop – not only does he make music in there, but he also makes instruments, mends junk, films animations and constructs robots.
Never one to blow his own trumpet, Paddy quietly gets on with developing his craft. There is something of the fairy-tale cobbler working late into the night in order to make the finest shoes in the kingdom, or maybe the musical elves strike up while he's in bed. It’s a sometime cartoon-like music  dense with events, new textures and the colours of children’s paintings, sounds like a Swiss cuckoo clock made of egg boxes and horsehair, glued together by an African Moog player in a Vietnamese iron monger's shop.

Painburn: Painburn is a harsh noise and Noise-BreaKBeat performer.Noisesplatter is the name of the album and the kind of performance too.In Fact he trys to create  Soundsplatter ,serial killer  and nichilist atmopshperes  using real groovebox and analogue synth.Noisesplatter album is made after  the publication of  Painburn's Book “Against all”write in only Italian version(in italian language is:”Contro Tutto breve saggio paranoico sugli ideali come condizionamento sociale).The book talks about the death of ideoligies,so the noise and disharmony is a direct  consequence  of this death.Italy is the country of serial crimes,politically corrupt, Freemasonry diverted,all these elements have create  Painburn and his album and performance Noisesplatter. Labels and link where you can find the album Physical or virtual: Drone records: http://www.dronerecords.de/artist.view.html?artist=4268 Alchemic sound museum: http://www.alchemicsoundmuseum.com/en/display/61#item Amnion Records:http://www.archive.org/details/NoiseSplatter-Stamni013 Punk for free webzine:http://www.punk4free.org/downloads/Free-Album/Painburn---Noisesplatter-[2011]/ Split for cubiculo records: http://www.discogs.com/Ali-Bahnhof-Gardens-2-Playing-With-Nuns-Noisesplatter-Split/release/2979691 Mega compilation for shit noise records:http://www.discogs.com/Various-Shit-Noise-15/release/3116021

PAS: We can fix the world if people studied the patterns in history. The sad thing is that the ones with the money are distracting the majority from reading books.

Pete Karkut: Left by itself the flatscreen will find a home And as the decades pass will spawn another to take its place. The buddleia needs the bee to reproduce The bee has the harmony of the hive. That's not to say I want to be a bee. Nor do I  want a flat screen to take the place of my hearth and feed me The pathetic glamour of new trainers and computer games. The only killing I want to do is The advertising executive, The pissed up, Coked up, cynical, Spiritually bankrupt, Maker of nothing but debt. And that's the way it's always been So you think, So you think thats the harmony of the hive. One more summer.

Pixyblink: [...]

Qkcfose: Deep Ones Disco' is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Deep Ones--humanoid aquatic creatures who can live both at sea and on land. The sounds represent a convulsive symbolic transformation into a gill-breathing creature who is unable to change without a traumatic release from the limits of the human physical form

Richard Knight and Noise Research: Richard Knight’s unique method uses mixing desks as sound sources: a typically passive audio device subverted to become an expressive instrument. His pulsing, crisp-white, and starkly beautiful music is derived from the tenuous area between feedback and feedforward – the hazy and perplexing cusp between order and chaos. His uniquely purist approach is combined with minimal post-recording adjustments, making the final product all the more astonishing. His new LP for Concrete Moniker is something very original indeed, a warm and welcoming introduction to all interested in Richard’s unique world, as well as a must for fans of Alva Noto, Ryoji Ikeda and the other output by the pioneering Raster Noton label. Richard co-curates the bi-monthly Manchester based electroacoustic/improvisation evening, ‘Electronic Organica‘ and also produces avant-house music under various aliases including ‘JERK’ and Underbaud’. Other no-input mixer related projects include ‘Closed Circuit’, techno music made solely with mixing desks; ‘Partial Trust’, a performance-based collaboration with Abigail Sanders (French Horn) and an eponymous live orientated collaboration with Rodrigo Constanzo. Noise Research has material released on the Electronic Musik (UK), Rift Recordings (UK), Classwar Karaoke (UK), Earth Monkey Productions (UK), A.M.P (S. America), aReW (UK), Rec72 (Germany), Clinical Archives (Russia), Found in a Skip (UK), Kulturterrorismus (Germany), iFar (UK) and Bivouac (China) labels. He has adopted an uncompromising approach in both playing and performance which has led to his involvement as a performer with ‘The Frakture Big Band’ (Liverpool), Noise Club (Liverpool), Janx: The Gathering (Wirral), ‘Gnod’ (Manchester) Aht-N (Cumbria) & ‘Fonik’ (Warrington). He also actively organises and promotes performances in UK including the Pyramid Experimental Music Festival and Manchester based Electronic Organica Nights. One of his most recent projects is a collaboration with sound artist Graham Dunning, the results of which have been released by Clinical Archives in January 2010. Ian has just finished the soundtrack to a short film, A Movement Towards (2010) by London based film-maker David Sant. Ian has also recently recorded with Herve Perez and Richard Knight.

Richard Lainhart: "Percussive Study Number 3 for Buchla 200e and Haken Continuum was recorded November 13, 2011 in one take without edits or overdubs.

Ronny Wærnes: As millions of dollars change hands to exchange art (or no art), it is forced upon me to exchange art (or no art) to as many hands as possible. My wall will rather stay undecorated by artists, but filled with sounds of lovliness and voices of my children playing, and save the millions for the millions who has no wall at all, at all.

Ross Ackerman: trickle linear movement constant infinite descent aka:man


Seesar and Sonic Pleasure: The recording of Seesar and Sonic Pleasure as a duet in Oct 2008 came about as somewhat of an accident, but a welcome one. The session was intended to be a trio session with another musician whom had performed the night before at Hugh Metcalfe's Klinker. Following the show, the musician left his equipment at the club and was not able to retrieve it for our session the next day. Thus this incredible duet experience was manifested. I was taken aback by Sonic Pleasure's wide palette and tasteful interjection of sounds. Her forte was utilizing what would normally be considered harsh sounds in delicate situations and reversing expectations that made softer sounds seem rough and out of place when dynamics shifted unexpectedly throughout the performance. Embracing Futurist mentalities afforded both of us the noises and tones with which we could interact on an intimate level and in an energetic fashion to generate this track and many others to our great satisfaction. Working with Sonic Pleasure was amazing and I eagerly look forward to creating more music with her in the future! Motorcycle Repair Crash was recorded at the Tower of Music, Oct 2008 by Scott Robinson. Sonic Pleasure performed on bricks, bathroom tile, roofing tile, and rocks with files, drills, rebar, and screw drivers. Seesar used bowed cymbals, sheet metal, pot lids, a wok lid, chains, springs, found objects, and one convention drum. Seesar, London, Nov 2011.

Sound Inhaler: 9 unreal lives (psiekr remix). Who you calling a Cult!!! soundinhaler@yahoo.co.uk

Stalktos: Wild black lung, Calcium bicarbonate solution & precipitation has gone, Unperturbed the dead cave has come…

Stormhat: Stormhat is the moniker of the dane Peter Bach Nicolaisen, visual artist and composer. So far he has released seven cd's and some works digitally on different labels. His sounds are taken from mostly slightly processed and filtered fieldrecordings with added primitive instrument-sounds. He wants the listener to feel immersed in his sounds which from time to time can be rather noisy and disharmonious. His work could maybe be categorized as electro-acoustic, psychedelic dark newage. He is interested in space, texture and tactility in sound and see his sound as a drug. Not always pleasant but sometimes worthwhile the effort. contactinfo www.stormhat.dk

Thanato Twist with Oleg's Sound System: http://thanatotwist.blogspot.com/ thanatotwist@rocketmail.com

The Thud Experiment: Defined by absence, refined by abstraction. Was an oddly contextual deviancy. If the speed limit of the universe is the speed of light, is entropy then.....the cosmic speedbump? If you behave unconsciously is this you.......more self than un? Some points to ponder

the.clinamen: uState triangle eye adorate adore adoral form now until late v late. asunder part of 2083. (for sanity). prophecies beget freewill. ending in cul-de-wittgenKill. species seven even thunders tell. rebel rebel rebel. action of apostle j recording. proceeds, detail exterminating. finality is of no account. seventy-seven-seven shout. (nth concerns demise.) u States triangle eye. (regional) government by tendril. a million die unfulfilled. events unfurl. for and against the word.

Thierry Massard: personal: http://thierrymassard.blogspot.com/ (is my personal actual blog. sharing my news, it also brings together some texts and things around) http://thierrymassard.bandcamp.com (bandcamp) http://discogs.com/artist/Thierry+Massard (my discogs) http://kreislauf.org/artist/2007/08/thierry-massard.html (kreislauf) http://www.youtube.com/user/noCoVision (videos-personal releases) some blogs releases (texts & reviews of the netaudio scene between 2006 and 2010) http://massard.blogspot.com (views&reviews - 2006/2007) http://massard3.blogspot.com (noCo...mment - 2007/2010) http://720x120.blogspot.com (720x120 was the noCo...mment graphic sideproject experience) http://the-questionnaire.blogspot.com (the questionnaire) the questionnaire is a project running since 2006. :: the questionnaire project is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890 and now, submitted to a few personalities –  the interest, I think,  is on the confrontation and crossover between the original questions and nowadays vision on things -  About 120 personalities have already accepted to participate to the project) itvs http://netlabelsrevue.blogspot.com/2008/05/18-choses-de-thierry-massard.html (Fr/ netlabels revue, 2008) http://agier.blogspot.com/2010/12/interview-with-thierry-massard.html (En/ recent music heroes, 2010)

Thomas Fernier: [...]

Torturing Nurse: Torturing Nurse is Junky, Youki and Arrebato. They are harsh noise group from Shanghai,China! performances/published c/o:junkyyy(AT)hotmail(DOT)com They started on 2004.04.25 till FOREVER!from the Shanghai,China composed of analogue harsh noise/pure noise group,has now done over 100 performances,has been published in various brands including the limited cdr/tape/vinyl/cd,ect in more than 200 recordings all over the world!!also runs noise lable Shasha Records and organized monthly noise/free/avant gigs in Shanghai call NOIShanghai. "One of the most challenging and uncompromising noise acts from China!"- Geiger,DENMARK / "Rounding out the dose of harshness is the newer Chinese band Torturing Nurse, who delivers a dynamic, violent collage of feedback and overdriven tones that definitely sounds influenced by the Japanese masters, but with a feeling all their own." - Sub Rosa,BELGIUM / "Dissonant, deafening and dangerous … Torturing Nurse" / "Away from China's mainstream rock scene – a more uncompromising scene is bubbling away underground." / "If you think the records are extreme, wait until you see them live. Men wearing pyjamas tie each other into bags, secure mic-ed up bodies to tables and tie naked members of the band to chairs." - Guardian, UK

Tvlasunor: First experiment of the "both blind pianos"

Vultures Quartet: Recorded live and improvised at John Russell's Mopomoso night, The Vortex, Dalston, London, in September 2009; recently re-discovered on an unexplored region of some nameless hard-drive, sounding fresh as a daisy. Matt Chilton played laptop and mics, Will Connor played percusion, bike and blew into things, and Anthony Donovan played 4 string bass, scant electronics, devices and objects. 

Xenoglossy and Transwitkacy: Xenoglossy producer Oliver Fay attempts to deconstruct and dehumanize the Samuel Beckett text "Not I" with enough Rabid Nihlistic fervor to make Nick Land weep. Whilst his shadow sister... TransWitkacy enthusiast and translator Marta Poznanski shall be bridging linguistic gaps between the Polish and English translations of Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz's hallucinogenic scribbles entitled "Narcotics"  All of this rabble babble of language shall be softly soundbedded with some rare and exotic outsider recordings... "An Exploration of the Extant" / The recording is an extract of a live/improvised radio action that took place for Resonance fm from the grounds of the Raven Row gallery on the 15th July as part of the "Gone with The Wind" exhibition.

X-NAVI.ET: Played and recorded by Rafal Iwanski at Studio Eter, Torun, Poland, August 2011 / Instruments: analog synthesizer, tone generator, electronic effects

Zilmrah: Ernest Anderson III: Bass, Effects / Michael Durek: Theremin, Effects / Marc Edwards: Drums, Percussion / Lawry Romani: 18 String Guitarwheel, Assorted Electronics, Voices / David Tamura: Tenor Saxophone / Brett Zweiman: Guitar, Effects / Recorded by Martin Bisi at Bisi Studios / Mixed at Apparition Sound / “The planet waits quietly in the shadows of human kind for the precise moment to eradicate this unwanted illness. We applaud its patience.” – Unknown / This  Z I L M R A H line up features a textured blend of talents from various musical backgrounds. Marc Edwards is a Free Jazz drummer known for his magnificent work with Cecil Taylor, David S. Ware and Charles Gayle. His drumming is accompanied by Ernest Anderson III on Bass, who plays as a regular in Marc Edwards group Slipstream Time Travel. Ernest has also played with Rhys Chatham and is a regular contributor in the Z I L M R A H collective. David Tamura, also a regular to the collective, is a versatile musician who plays Tenor Sax , has worked with Post Punk/No Wave artist Von Lmo and is the founder of JazzFakers. Michael Durek is the Theremin sound in the experimental band PAS and is founder of SK Orchestra. Brett Zweiman on guitar, is a versatile musician, working w/ Queen Elephantine and 50 Dollar Trumpet amongst others. Brought together by Lawry Romani, founder of  Z I L M R A H. Lawry is a sound explorer and instrument designer. He cross pollinates  and experiments with many sounds and has collaborated with numerous artists, most recently Controlled Bleeding and Ron Anderson of PAK. The project was recorded by the great Martin Bisi, who has worked with everyone from Swans and Sonic Youth to Brian Eno and John Zorn.

Zreen Toyz: Zreen Toyz / France / zreentoyz.blogspot.com zreen.toyz@facebook.com / Sound ARTist, Dronist, Field-Recordist, Experimentalist, Post-Concretist, Electroacousticist, Minimalist, Ambientist...

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