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Jaan Patterson & Anthony Donovan


0021 survey / 28th February 2013

122 contributing acts, with 109 pieces of music / soundart and 23 short-films 

 02_Elements: In spring 2012, I began inviting players whose work I like to contribute improvised parts towards a long-term project with the working-title of 'Elements'. The intention was that each player contributes in isolation, without any knowledge about the other players taking part. After gathering a workable pool of these parts, I then began composing with these elements - processing, editing and such like - along with adding my own work. This is the eleventh of these pieces, comprised of myself and one other player: 02_Elements. Improvisers: Pixyblink: voice / Anthony Donovan: words. This piece is somewhat different from previous pieces in the series in simply presenting Pixyblink's, I think, remarkable performance of my prose. (Anthony Donovan, February 2013)

04_Elements: In spring 2012, I began inviting players whose work I like to contribute improvised parts towards a long-term project with the working-title of 'Elements'. The intention was that each player contributes in isolation, without any knowledge about the other players taking part. After gathering a workable pool of these parts, I then began composing with these elements - processing, editing and such like - along with adding my own work. This is the twelfth of these pieces, comprised of myself and three other players: 04_Elements. Improvisers: Mathias Boss: violin / Matt Chilton: laptop / Anthony Donovan: acoustic guitar / electronics / voices / Sonia Paco-Rocchia: bassoon. Composer: Anthony Donovan. (Anthony Donovan, February 2013)

6 or 7: Paranoches / personnel: Maureen Lopez Lembo - txt, voc / Jochen Arbeit - live electronics and guitar / Betty la Gachette - microcassette / Hopek Quirin - bass / mixed by Jacki Engelken and Hopek Quirin

8-PARAL-LEL: Anthony Donovan (prepared zither), Hopek Quirin (guit) /  a double-deaf trial called PARAL-LEL: several artists/musicians were invited to contribute one or more tracks of about three minutes which are randomly combined. editing (minimal) and mix: Hopek Quirin. this is result no. 8 of the experiment

9-PARAL-LEL: Kotomi Nishiwaki, Yuko Matsuyama, Kris Limbach, Hopek Quirin / 9th result of the double-deaf experiment with bubbles by Kotomi and Yuko and sounds by Kris Limbach and Hopek Quirin

10-PARAL-LEL: Anton Mobin (bus station Avinguda Paral-lel, Barcelona), Maureen Lopez (voice)

213TV: Here we are, in the kitchen, with the table screwed to the ceiling, operating the puppets with invisible thread....many thanks to the family for a few weeks eating off their laps, and their general tolerance / John Bisset and Ivor Kallin are 213TV /  http://www.2-13.co.uk/213/213TV_home.html

A Friendly Grey: Transceiver / All music and lyrics by Volker Hartmann-Langenfelder / Vocals: Franziska Plückhan / Bandoneon: Stefan Schmidt / Farang / Lyrics: When I woke up this morning it was snowing!! Brought back a dream into my mind I dreamt in March or early April. In this dream I was walking through a forest in springtime. Fresh green leaves on the trees. While walking I kept looking at my own feet and when I looked up again, all the leaves where dry an brown. And I was thinking to myself: "It's strange, I didn't even notice the summer". And now it's snowing. No one should ever tell me again, that dreams can't come true!

A Xperisougs: lost tapes / http://soundcloud.com/xperisougs

AG Davis: Kunst Faschismus

aka_bondage: Big Mouth Billy Passed / Images & Sounds by aka_Bondage / www.akabondage.com

Amphibolous: Ash Steel / Adam Webster (Swung Dash) / Si Jones (Noise Club, Hot Hail). The group first got together in 2011 to work on a soundtrack for a short film, but their musical chemistry shone through and Amphibolous was born. Amphibolous combine electronica, noise and free improvisation in one rollercoaster of a package ~ waves of sound meet explosions of noise! / http://amphibolous.bandcamp.com/

Arcane Waves: [...]

Astma: [...]

Atom Earth Mother: A solo project from one half of :zoviet*france: Dedicated to the White Goddess and the Neolithic Farmers, and inspired by the prehistoric antiquities in Northumberland, primarily the enigmatic and beautiful ‘rock art’, a form of symbolism whose meaning has been lost in the mists of time. Utilising digital and analogue equipment and production technique, location recordings, found sound and employing experimentation as the creative tool to explore the notion of matriarchal, Atom Earth Mother embarks on a sonic journey to the origions of our civilization and indeed our very being

Avelino Saavedra: Mechanical Air is an improvisation made from the sounds produced by an air compressor and an airbrush, processed using analog effects pedals and loop pedals

Blutwurst: in animelle the musicians are: eugenio sanna - guitar; edoardo ricci - sopranino sax; cristina abati - viola; michele lanzini - cello / Blutwurst is a collective of musicians from different backgrounds focused on radical improvisation and on performing contemporary composers’ graphic scores. Since 2011 the ensemble works on several scores like Treatise by Cornelius Cardew, Folio and 4 Systems by Earle Brown, Edges by Christian Wolff, Durations 2 and Projection 2 by Morton Feldman and also focuses explorations around the concept of drone, playing some La Monte Young works besides other selfmade improvisations.The ensemble has collaborated with Tristan Honsinger, Eugenio Sanna and the dancer Enrico Labbate. In December 2012 Blutwurst has been invited to provide sounding in Felsfelik, one part of Bela Tarr film Sátántangó, in the 19° Capalbio Cinema International Short Film Festival / Members: Edoardo Ricci: bass clarinet, soprano and alto saxophone, Marco Baldini: trumpet, Cristina Abati: viola, Michele Lanzini: cello, Daniela Fantechi: piano, Luca Giorgi: electronics and percussions, Alessandro Ricciardelli: theremin, zither / https://soundcloud.com/blutwurst / Some links: 4 Systems: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb2mDHaDpCw / Composition #7 1960: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkyKpe_MStc

Bruce Hamilton: (b. 1966) composes and performs music in a variety of genres. He has performed as a percussionist, improviser, and electronic musician for over 25 years. His music is published by Non Sequitur Music and can be heard on the Albany, Amaranth, and/OAR, black circle, blank space, Capstone, Ilse,, Memex, Phill, SEAMUS, Spectropol, split-notes, Three Legs Duck and Mark labels. A graduate of Indiana University, Hamilton is Associate Professor of Music at Western Washington University, where he teaches music theory, composition, and directs the electroacoustic music studio (WWEAMS). He is a co-organizer of the Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival, a board member of Make.Shift and the Washington Composers Forum, and runs the Spectropol netlabel. Hamilton lives in Bellingham with composer Lesley Sommer and their son Miles / http://linearobsessional.weebly.com/

Burstbot: Marco Fierro (Burstbot) Composer & Producer / Recorded on February 12th, 2013 / Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Marco Fierro / Art Direction & Design by Marco Fierro / © 2013 Marco Fierro | Burstbot. All rights reserved / http://www.burstbot.com

Cagey House: Kid Feardive had been speaking less and less, and Katherine the Ghost had yet to utter a word. For a long time, Kid Feardive had built these elaborately noisy contraptions out of rebar and barbed wire and old flatware. And he had pushed them down staircases and rolled them down steep embankments and sometimes pulled them with his car. But lately the only sound he made was when he rapped the cap of his pen against a blank sheet of paper. Katherine the Ghost seemed put out by all this. She trained her beady eyes on the bouncing pen cap.  She twisted her thin lips around like she was going to spit or let slip some sharp invective. But then she smiled instead, and looked up at me and winked. And her eyes aren’t really all that beady. Just beady enough in fact

Carlos Ramirez: [...]

Cezary Gapik: [...]

Chevo Légé: avec quoi écoute-t-on ? les oreilles ou les yeux ? la tête ou le corps ? dans quel état se trouvent notre corps et notre mental au moment d’aborder ce travail ? cherchons-nous à provoquer artificiellement un état particulier ? avons-nous envie de mettre l’accent sur les nerfs ? la réflexion ? la concentration ? la force physique ? une disponibilité de tout l’être ?

Chris Whitehead: is interested in the way sound can be used to evoke landscape, location and history. He has released field recordings on the Electronic Musik label, OBS, Unfathomless and Impulsive Habitat. In his work, and in the manipulated sound duo Ammonites with Chris Corner, the intention is always to immerse the listener in an unseen, textural environment. Chris is based in Whitby on the north east coast of England- A place which reverberates with deep echoes of the past / http://linearobsessional.weebly.com

Clive Pearman and Richard Sanderson: The duo of Clive Pearman and Richard Sanderson were both members of the avant-rock quartet Lost Robots. Performing as a duo primarily on acoustic instruments (resonator guitar, melodeon etc) but with some electronic processing, the music is quieter and more textured than their previous group /  http://linearobsessional.weebly.com

Crank Sturgeon and Lineland: do that (((plural))) / Album: Other Occasions Not Minded / www.mutablesound.com / Blurbs and whatnot appear here: http://www.mutablesound.com/home/?p=4466 / http://www.mutablesound.com/ / www.mutablesound.com

Crush!!!: Water Raquette/ Crush!!! are Mark Browne, Sonic Pleasure and Ian Smith. The group utilises an array of found and home-made sound making devices combined with more traditional instruments within an improvisational context. Sonic Pleasure is famed for her unique crafting of sound from bricks and masonry, reducing much of her instrumentation to dust by the end of a concert with an orange haze clearly visible over the performance area. Some of the bricks will be transported from her home, others will be collected near the venue. She also plays flute. Mark Browne plays piranha and castrato saxophones (sopranino “the small one that bites” and soprano “the Farinelli pastiche”), broken glass, clarinet, earth, burnt piano and bones. On this piece his instrumentation was restricted to water, game calls, tenor recorder, cymbals and gongs. Ian Smith plays brass in an extraordinary and creative manner. For this venture the aim was to exploit the use of water: splashing in water, changing the pitch of wind and percussion by submerging the instruments in water and generally making wet sounds. The members of the group individually created their contributions (with Sonic P living in Manchester, Ian in London, Mark in Aylesbury this has become a necessary activity for ongoing interaction). For 0021 the mixing and production was performed by Mark Browne. The activities of Crush!!! can be found at http://crushtime.bandcamp.com/  and are is represented on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crush/#!/pages/Crush/347435088629590 There will be a Crush!!! CD in 2013 with artwork by William Demon Gate https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aylesbury-Dead-comic/103588189781582

Cunliffe Donovan Quirin: Hopek Quirin (6 string bass / devices), Anthony Donovan (4 string bass / devices / synth) and David Cunliffe (devices / drum kit) recorded improvising December 7th 2012 / I like to be alone but please....don't go far the idiot i'm with gets tiresome after a while. One of these kids is doing his own thing always has and doesn't know better than to change his past ..... ways ....... past ........ ways. All for one One for myself I read of fictional characters And they make more realistic emotional sense and attachment than the ........ people i see every day

Daniel Heikalo: solo prepared slide cittern improvisation, recorded in a very closely miked way, July 2008

Daniel Spicer: Writer. Improviser

Drift of Signifieds: (DoS) is an electronic music project, initiated in 1995 in north London and active sporadically since then. 'St Charles - Canal St - Lee Circle' was recorded at La Cellule in 2012, using elements of field recordings of the New Orleans streetcar line / http://www.driftofsignifieds.org http://www.bandcamp.com/driftofsignifieds http://soundcloud.com/drift-of-signifieds

Edu Comelles: MORRA - EDU COMELLES / 2:03 min / Recorded at Dorgali, Sardinia. May 2011 / Morra is a hand game that dates back thousands of years to ancient Roman and Greek times. It can be played to decide issues, much as two people might toss a coin, or for entertainment. While there are many variations of morra, most forms can be played with two, three, or more players. In the most popular version, all players throw out a single hand, each showing zero to five fingers, and call out loud their guess at what the sum of all fingers shown will be. If one player guesses the sum, that player earns one point. The first player to reach three points wins the game. Some variants of morra involve money, with the winner earning a number of currency units equal to the sum of fingers displayed. Source: Wikipedia / Image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Morra_Players.jpg / info: www.educomelles.com

Eggblood: altered broken strings. vacume / recorded live at carpet shoe 06 / soundcloud.com/eggblood / "      "         "  4   T  / audio/video etc.. / mouthinfoot.net

Elizabeth Veldon: [...]

Eugenio Sanna: in bestie the musicians are: eugenio sanna - guitar; edoardo ricci - bass clarinet; marco baldini - trumpet; cristina abati - viola; michele lanzini - cello; luca giorgi - electronics & percussions; alessandro ricciardelli - zither

Fabio Keiner: Artist Statement – I hate music, but I love sound / http://linearobsessional.weebly.com

Farang: is the solo project of composer and classical guitarist stefan schmidt. since 2000 he has released several albums and created music for films, exhibitions and dance performances. for more information and music visit www.musicforoverexposedcelluloid.com www.musicforoverexposedcelluloid.bandcamp.com www.soundcloud.com/farangsound www.youtube.com/user/farangvideo www.facebook.com/farangsound www.myspace.com/farangnoise

Felipe Barbosa and Rosendo J. Rocha: Networked Experimental Improvisation

Geoff Leigh: Live studio improvisation for soprano sax, flute, mini kaoss pad & loop sampler. No overdubs, no post-production / recorded in 2008

Ghetto Raga: the only surviving recording of the very first line-up of GHETTO RAGA (minus our fourth member, double bass player Klaus Janek, who did not show up for the recording session). It's free improvised / Thomas Zunk: TrapKAT didgital drum controller and Mellotron M400 / Holli: electric sitar / Lutz Wernicke: electric ZEAT 5-string violin and devices

Giorgio Albanese: [...]

Grundik Kasyansky: dedicated to Russian absurdist poet Daniil Kharms and based on his story The Incubating Period. I sat in the incubator for four months. I remember only that the incubator was made of glass, was transparent and had a thermometer. I sat inside the incubator on cotton wool. I don't remember anything else about it. After four months they took me out of the incubator. They did this, as it happens, on the first of January 1906. By this means, I was to all intents and purposes born for a third time. But it was the first of January that was counted as my birthday

Gurdonark: A copper bell, a berry bowl, a pair of toy castanets, and a kalimba. A bobcat, a sequencer, a few hours, a series of daydreams. This is my creative process

Heldon: [...]

Herve Perez: nahden, dez a fracking tuf one innit. tuf choice between listenin' to whale song or chewin its juicy steak. keep digging, the world needs more gaz. it's da sound of your dreamz in' morning after your big party. it's sexy saxophone for guitar heroes. it's what wifi does to your brains. i want you to rest easy gal. this is pure relax. like the sea and the whales singing for you. and some city rats. do the world a favour and bank on a few more millions. get pissed and gamble the rest. there's a hare in the soup and it's swimming towards you, with its crazed myxomatic eyes. goodnite ladies, ladies goodnite / hervé perez: soprano saxophone improvisation + distortion+reverb / http://soundcloud.com/herveperez

Invisible Sports: http://invisiblesports.com/

Jaap Blonk: Electroshock Theory will be released on Jaap Blonk's forthcoming LP "Mixed from Heaven" (on Plant Migration Records, New York). It is based on one of Blonk's early sound poems: Electroshock Boogie (from the cycle Songs from Heaven, 1985-87)

Jean Montag and MCVulcano: Contra Jaime Gil de Biedma (Against Jaime Gil de Biedma) / Music by Jean Montag, Spoken words by MCVulcano / Poem by Jaime Gil de Biedma / Translation of the last verses: I'll barely be able to carry you to bed like someone going to hell to sleep with you Dying of impotence at each step bumping into furniture blindly, we will cross the apartment clumsily, embracing, hesitating with alcohol and repressed sobs. Oh, what ignoble servitude, to love human beings, and the most ignoble that of loving one's self / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaime_Gil_de_Biedma

Jeanette Luchase: [...]

Jeff Gburek: personal website: www.futurevessel.com/orphansound / bandcamp: http://jeffgburekprojects.bandcamp.com/

Jérôme Poirier: is a musician who mainly uses electric cello, his voice, electronics and the bodhrán. He explores improvisation and acousmatic music. He is also involved in the chamber pop trio Landing Cellophane. Jérôme Poirier was born in 1978 in Paris, France where he still lives. He is the curator of the Three Legs Duck netlabel / http://linearobsessional.weebly.com

João Guimarães: [...]

John Love: (AKA David Teboul) works under the name Linear Bells. He is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound artist based in Nantes, France. His music is a mix between, vintage instruments, sound manipulations and field recordings, all primarily created with acoustic and analogic instruments. Teboul starting to produce sounds in the mid 90's under the name of Embark. He created one of the first French net-labels Acrylik, which was involved in electronica production, and both digital and vinyl distribution /  http://linearobsessional.weebly.com

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Justin Wiggan: Sweet prehistoric music discarded  for traffic-heavy ,modern cash registers phonic  prisons . Man is prone to be misinterpreted , misled by throwing a rock in a river to gain more shiny rocks, striking flints to burn other mens huts, chopping wood to keep wild life a 1000 paces , hammering nails to kill saviours and building combustion engines in  simple shelters / The golden cage deafens the edenic song

Korhan Erel and Tolga Tüzün: [...]

Krishve: For Yeti Krishve has summoned the ghost of neanderthal body music. Krishve use a fairly limited assembly of hardware to create a completely improvised time travelling experience. Everything is performed live and recorded directly to 2-track. The limitations of dedicated hardware and the discipline it requires is a source of creative inspiration.

Krishve works as a composer and sound designer for performances/exhibitions including most kinds of multimedia, theatre and film / http://www.krishve.com

Leafcutter John: [...]

Lee Kwo and Jaan Patterson: The Recycling of Semantic waste by appropriation The only evil is not refuse to agree to be a visible substance but to take up instead a position of invisibility/the music played in his head was outside of his control/In so far as and whatever are both modes of retreat/The outskirts of the boarders are what are worth knowing And amid all this confusion the debacle of noise/is there room for him with the state of exclusion/Suit wipes the strings of his Fender and puts it back in its case he love the way the catches click into place like not universal or particular reduction a renunciation is a terrible weariness that fills the stomach like fresh pizza at 3am with a cold beer travel is for those who cannot read or feel who only have the need to keep walking and changing scenery/Suit lifts his eyes up from thinking he got that herterozygote feeling such good reflections as the air is full of Black Hawks on full beam tracking the deserters and those missing in action hiding under the Network of Stoppages/Duchamp does it with a hammer and blames the removalist for not taking enough care/this wonder to disputes cause everything to come undone but it’s the surrealist manner not really in it for the rebellion or the revolution but the looting of all of Western Civilisation words images thoughts cerebral damaged and left hanging in the geometry of the window open to weather you got to fill the mind with noise and wait for the right moment to grab the inspiration once Suit took yr smile as an insult just because he was nervous and guilty about his habit when he was conscious but when insomniacal or asleep breaking thru the unconscious not just anything that comes to mind but the gem in the midst of a raging booster rocket hurling that missile up into the stratosphere are you with me I wouldn’t do this for anyone else it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time you must keep the fingers moving between the breaks  came here or me avoiding I off his trail took to room in dust Motel the way dont you know Zuk packing her snub-nosed and a dozen rounds should be enough/done the dead produce one hero it’s the chaos of the bent strings and the punishing of the speaker cones that give the punk thing its edge don’t you reackin says Suit satisfied only done in one her presence a texture of brutal anger and frustration or rather ethos to someone as Elite as Zuk Suit though well before he made his move/He was sick of the civilization scam but got one good idea keep so its place they all witness to false evidence and is position to paint falling silverfish the ragged than scatter would and with and where and when he packs a/the Fender drowned out the mean chain saw and the acetylene torch welded the ragged edges of the torn pages full of high stringed anguish in the sounds of the world he hears your voice calling saw thru the muscular thighs of the rusted body of the pig iron you know they injected rust virus into the metal and has ill intent on an old shack and a bent table strewn with fan leaves red spiders filters  and paraphernalia the sand is a voice of gestures in the wind and Suit is a pilot of the wind running into a force factor of his youth a memory of that afternoon of the same day she arrived on shooting stars a chance of once in a lifetime elevation and night that you are missing outside his window tortures his mind the most precise instrument on the planet on the rusted cedar box with embossed monogram NSU from any trip even a small one or a short one Suit return full of encumbered islands life throbs in his distant hearts the ace of spades is in her tarot deck which she deals with alacrity and he is immediately suspicious that she is pretty as you feel thus the days keep fading and passing and mounts up to a summit that must be climbed with a multitude of trails that must be blazed and instead of their being less time there is more times and it piles up and blocks the view of point life being fundamentally a mental state not imagined but at least preconceived totally out of it a dream no different from anyone elses horizons my ears ringing dial tones from surrealistic pillows float full of hot art hot air / postVerbal the gap for Classwar Karaoke 0021 / Lee Kwo and Jaan Patterson / Dada Böys

Lezet: Bring me up to 2.0 , the knuckle crack of which is just right

LIL and Sin Senal: Limits / Marcin Tomczak - programming, kbds, mix / Kinga Wieliczko-voice / Mariusz Wieliczko - piano, turntable, electronics / Arkadiusz Nowakowski - piano, electronics / Recorded: January 2013

M4SK 22: [...]

MaCu: [...]

Miquel Parera: Audio: Title: NX307a Author: Miquel Parera Jaques Album: cwk0021 ID: NX307a-2013-02-17_03_23_37 Time: 3'13'' Tech: Livecoding improvisation experimental and semideterministic. Tags: drone, noise, minimalism Software: SuperCollider Video: Title: nxComposition035-2013-2-15 Author: Miquel Parera Jaques Time: 3'13'' Tech: Semideterministic algorithmic draw. Tags: minimalism, black and white Software: Processing License: CC-BY-SA
February, 2013

Moshi Honen: [...]

Murmurists: Hi, I'm tag_42 (hinter_land) but foundation of average hate. I tried giving. I tried a mouth. All two years ago and no use. When I'm neither I am neither/or. My insteads adapt to my exceptions. Why elude? I love working on myself. Looking to have my circle widened / Drugged / T x

Oblivian Substanshall: CAG / I’ve got nothing to say that hasn’t already been said or done in one form or another, and out of that analogy I conceived the ... ContinuousAbsurdistGroup / Oblivian Substanshall / A CONTINUIST is someone who is part of a ContinuousAbsurdistGroup / CAG dedicate a great deal of their time, if not all, creating absurdities such as film, painting, poems, short stories, performances, monologues, sound art & noise. ContinuousAbsurdistGroup believes ultimately that everything in the universe is interconnected and part of a consciousness that is infinite in nature. ContinuousAbsurdistGroup challenge routine & mundaneness within contemporary life/culture, and all it’s many systems. It is action, revolution and playful in spirit

Olga Nosova: musician, vocalist, composer, sound-artist / Moscow/Freiburg / Olga Nosova startetd her music activity in Moscow, 2001. She played drums with different local bands, representing prog-rock, punk jazz, free improv, industrial scene: Syncopated Silence, Motherfathers, Brom, Yad, Sobaki Tabaka, Vladimir Epifantsev' group and more. Now she is a member of ASTMA duo (improvised project with Alexei Borisov). Also she collaborates with many Russian and international projects, musicians and sound-artists: Louis Rastig, Els Vandeweyer, Peter Brotzman, Thomas Lehn, Miriam Siebenstadt, Olivier Di Placido, Dario Fariello, Giuseppe Birardi, Dave Phillips, A-Spirale, Sergei Letov, Ilia Belorukov, Volga, Notchnoi Prospekt, Kurt Liedwart, Edgars Rubenis, Thomas Buckner, Jandek, John Hegre, Pekka Airaksinen, Anton Mobin and many others. She plays electronics, as well as a wide range of acoustic instruments and sound objects.  More info: www.myspace.com/olganosova www.myspace.com/borisovnosova www.soundcloud.com/olganosova http://www.facebook.com/olga.nosova.904?ref=tn_tnmn http://www.facebook.com/pages/ASTMA-Alexei-Borisov-and-Olga-Nosova-duo/286822864695081?ref=ts&fref=ts http://www.youtube.com/user/kobonan?feature=mhee

Ophir Ilzetzki : A composer of experimental music by calling and lecturer by vocation, Ophir is also the curator of Anechoic Transmissions – an independent radio-production house dedicate to shedding light on the extremes of non-commercial music throughout genres. Ophir’s academic education spans more than 11 years, travels through 3 borders and includes 6 internationally renowned composers:
PhD – Southampton University (2009-13) / Mmus – Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London (2006-8) / BA – Royal conservatory, The Hague (2003-6) / Composition class of Arie Shpaira, Haifa (1999-2003) / Ophir’s music is published by the Surrism-Phonoethics net-label, and his scores are published by BabelScores. Ophir currently teaches at the University of East Anglia and resides in Norwich, UK. For more information, visit Ophir Ilzetzki’s homepage: www.ophirilzetzki.com

OU-pi Golgotha.undead: Meetmen at Holliday Junction, love u long time

Øystein Jørgensen: The Sea of Thoughts by Øystein Jørgensen aka Ambient Fabric / https://soundcloud.com/oystein-jorgensen

PAS Musique: An all synth track exploration to introspective innovation / http://pasmusic.weebly.com

Paul Mimlitsch: [...]

Paulo Chagas: [...]

Paulo Chagas and Rosendo Rocha: Paulo Chagas - Sopranino Clarinet / Rosendo Rocha: Kaoss Pad Quad / Unmastered

Paulo Chagas, Felipe Barbosa and Rosendo J. Rocha: Networked Experimental Collaboration

Paulo Chagas, Fernando Simões and Rosendo J. Rocha: Net Improvisational Collaboration

Pete Karkut: [...]

Peter Thoegersen and Terry Bozzio: http://www.drumchannel.com/articles/drum-show-Terry-Peter / Peter Thoegersen: drum set / Terry Bozzio: percussion

Pixyblink: [...]

Platform Five(5): the lineup consisted of Alaric Pether, Zali Krishna and Richard Fontenoy. "Heathrow Aeroport Evangelist" was recorded 07-9-07 in the Beaucatcher basement, edited 2013 with film made by Richard Fontenoy using public domain footage and video shot on La Sorgue

Prometheus (Unbound) vs WT Richards: Arabian Nights / Image Title:- Polaroidscape (Polaroid Photograph. No digital manipulation. Nothing  added to the photograph surface)

Pulcinella: is the alter-ego of musician, performer and visual artist Colin Sanderson, formerly of the Brooklyn-based psych/prog/performance art trio Manburger Surgical. Derived from the Commedia dell'arte archetype of the same name, Pulcinella is the embodiment of the "Kozmic Buffoon," a sock-a-delic idiot Man-Child hellbent on raising a ruckus. Sanderson uses his highly personal take on the Pulcinella character as a means to unravel inner mysteries of identity, trauma, and internal personal narrative. Pulcinella has had his visual art and video work exhibited through Babylon Projects, and has been performing in the underground Brooklyn Experimental Music/Performance Art scene for 5 years, both as a solo performer and with Manburger Surgical. Culling influence from renegade Performance Art, Z-Grade Horror/Exploitation Film, Noise, Freudian psychology, psychedelia, The Occult and The Grotesque, progressive rock, and puppetry & ventriloquism, Pulcinella's work is intended to jolt the senses as a means to lead toward an "ULTIMATE KOZMIC TROOTH." Pulcinella has currently been working with two talented percussionists: Diana K and Grandpa Scorpion, as well as collaborating with fellow DIY musician/performer Captain Careful and video artist Jim Tuite / http://pulcinella.bandcamp.com http://theworldofpulcinella.tumblr.com / http://www.facebook.com/pulcinellakozmicbuffoon

Qkcofse: [...]

Richard Pinhas: Composed and guitar played by Richard PINHAS at HELDON Studio, 21th Century. Recorded and mixed by RP ... Only Guitars figure on this tracks. All rights reserved including Copyrights (even if i dont Believe in copyrights)

Rose Bolton and Anthony Donovan: A piece formed of the body of Bolton's 'Mind Soul Psyche' and re-mixed, retreated and added-to by Donovan, 'Sui Generis; is the first collaboration by this pair / Based in Toronto, Rose Bolton creates music for documentary films. She is also well established as a composer who creates and envisions new sounds in the areas of classical and electronic music. She has written and produced full scores for four hour-long television documentaries for the CBC main network: Who’s Sorry Now?, The Disappearing In 2011 she was commissioned by the Canadian Music Centre to create a sound and video installation for Toronto’s 2011 Nuit Blanche. The finished work, The Crown of the Bell, was produced in collaboration with film artist Marc de Guerre, and over 1000 people experienced the piece during the all-night event. Her concert music has garnered awards and grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council; and her work has been performed across Canada by the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, the Vancouver Symphony, the Esprit Orchestra, Tapestry New Opera, L’ensemble contemporain de Montréal, New Music renowned Aradia Ensemble. Her music has been broadcast extensively on CBC radio and has been performed throughout Europe and North America. Assisted by a grant from the Canada Council, she is currently completing a concept album of ambient electronic “soundscapes”. Titled “Music for Headphones”, this album will be released on the award-winning Canadian art music label Centrediscs, in September 2012 / http://www.rosebolton.com/ / Anthony Donovan is an artist, musician, writer and composer, working solo as Murmurists and OU_pi Golgotha.undead; an improviser with Vultures Quartet and many others; a member of Lux P0G0 (with Jaan Patterson and Adrian Beentjes), The Migraine Collective (with Jaan Patterson and Shibek), Spidy Agutter (with David Cunliffe) and the.clinamen (with Sifir). He is the founder of Classwar Karaoke, which he operates with Jaan Patterson. He was born in the North West of England, and is now based in Middle-England. He is moderately-healthy. His interests are all either obscure or intentionally opaque, but morally authentic / http://murmurists.blogspot.com / http://anthonydonovanbiog.blogspot.co.uk/

Rosendo J. Rocha: [...]

Ross Ackerman: Sheets hanging to dry flutter in the breeze as weft and weave align and shift creating  patterns like oil spreading on water

Ruela Pinho and Kicksville: Written around one of Tone Deaf's poems, Introspekt is about getting old and the eventual understanding that there's no point getting upset about it. It's also an oblique reference to the Buddhist idea that everything is transitory, never fixed. Existence is perceived as a series of phase changes, like liquid water turning into ice or gas and back again. There's no reason to struggle against these changes - they are and will be, and all the crying in the world won't stop them. And if reality and our place in it are temporary illusions created by our preconceptions, then as Aya sings in the melody/mantra, "Looking through the blind eye / We are not here / We are nowhere at all." Therefore, following the idea through to its logical conclusion, Introspekt is really about nothing! / Tone Deaf

Salford Media City vs Noise Research: A Noise Research remix of the track 'Doing Stuff is Fun' by Manchester band 'Salford Media City'. It was done at the bands request and NR was given carte blanche with regards to what was done with the music. Radically altered and re-processed, the piece is built up from the individual multitracks from the original work and no additional sounds were employed. As with much of Noise Research's work there are incredibly dense layers of sound, dystopian worlds and the feeling of something outside 'trying to get in'. Trust is the foundation of the Salford Media City: we are independent, impartial and honest. Assisting audience members in the practical application of dance is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in delivering quality and value for money. Creativity is the lifeblood of our organisation. We respect each other and celebrate our diversity so that everyone can give their best. We, the Salford Media City, recognize the unity which embraces everything including you. We love you. Join us. Great things happen when we work together. Description ‘Salford Media City has brought and continues to bring considerable added musical value, they have great musical vision, they are prepared to take risks and remain both accessible and approachable. Other regions would love to have a musical developer of their calibre supporting the regional economic strategy and economic recovery.’

Satisfacción Lab: Satisfacción Lab (Jorge Marredo) was born in Badajoz, Spain. Self-taught, his work encompasses styles ranging from field recordings, to the soundscapes, from electronics with analog synthesizers to glitch, the radio art, noise and psychedelia. His work is essentially published on netlabels, particularly in the U.S.A, but also in Belgians, Argentines, English and Spanish; he has participated on compilations with Eduardo Polonio, Llorenç Barber, José Iges, among others. He has also been invited to participate in the Ciclos de Música Imprevista (Cycles of Unplanned Music), organized by the collective Antipasto, and has played with free improvisation groups / More info: Blog: http://satisfaccionlab.blogspot.com.es/ / Twitter: https://twitter.com/satisfaccionlab / Some sounds: http://satisfaccionlab.bandcamp.com/

Sean Reynard: "Cuckoo Clock Mealworm" - 2013, 1min /  A Deleted Scene from 3-2-1 (2.6.78).  VT Recording filmed from the bowels of Yorkshire Television's notorious Studio 13 or "The Cesspit" as it was better known. A completely inept production team attempting to film the man responsible for the overly complex background track which accompanies the 1st round quiz of the TV Game show 3-2-1

Seth Guy: Deep River (v.2) - 09'49" / Drone work, very minimally treated recording; subterranean sound. Made in early January 2013. Part of a soundtrack for a forthcoming video exploring ideas surrounding 'The Seeing Ear' / www.sethguy.co.uk / sethguy.bandcamp.com
Shauin Robert: Microspia brings you methods of listening, from within a person who is drunk. Forgetfulness brings innocence and stupidity. A hidden recording in plain view. Shaun Robert ; founding member of factor X (1983 - 1994) and Mutant Beatniks / mutantbeatniks. Start doing this 'solo' work in 1995, using no samples. Commencing with Black Swing, a piece made with a lamp, record player drive belt, among other things. Later; Swan Song for a tape recorder (1997). Recorded using a rather battered and broken double tape machine, w' a 4 slider graphic and bass /stereo separation, by fusing and feeding it it back on it's self, w/ metal objects (coins, washers) and wire, making a layered distortion by removing the eraserhead, and detaching recorder-head to make it malleable to various positional adaptions effecting the stereo panning.  A piece for prepared tape machine or a circuit bending masterpiece, make your mind up

Sheild Your Eyes: [...]

Smegma, Sissy Spacek, Kommissar Hjuler und Frau: This is a sequence from LP (SHMF-215plus) by Smegma and Sissy Spacek and Kommissar Hjuler und Frau, track is called ZWEI. LP is sold out now. Video by Mama Baer

Soaz Sahli, Sabrina Siegel, Matthias Boss  and Jean-Noël Nupin: Texte et voix : Soaz Sahli / Voix : Sabrina Siegel / Violon : Matthias Boss / Sampler ( trombone, Basson, Shakuashi ): Jean-noël Nupin / Illustration ( extrait de New Nature's Recompositions ): Sabrina Siegel / Soaz Sahli, Sabrina Siegel, Matthias Boss  and Jean-Noël Nupin

Sonervol: is a project/nickname of sound artist Matej Velkavrh, from Predoslje, Slovenia. It was used first when Matej was working on a local independent radio station Radio Študent in Ljubljana, a capitol of Slovenia.  It was used as a derivate of the name Sonvol. That was around 2005/2006. He later released 5 short albums on his Krep Productions netlabel on Internet Archive. Sonervol is a nickname on warious internet sites too, for example Youtube. He has one single also on Nowaytwowayout netlabel

Sonvol: is a project/nickname of Matej Velkavrh, a sound artist from Predoslje, Slovenia. It started as a nickname on local independent radio station in 2005/2006. Then Sonvol started to make fanzine called Krep and released his first EP with first issue of fanzine. It was called Krep. That was in 2009. Since then he released more than 10 albums, short EP's and long LP's, mostly on his netlabel Krep Productions

Sound Inhaler and Ericka Ryder: Controller / Music arranged, recorded and in some cases played by Sound Inhaler / Words written and vocalised by Ericka Ryder / Film concept by Ericka Ryder, realisation by Sound Inhaler. Why not just Google us and you will find us all over the place.......  But not at facebook or twitter! If you want to get in touch directly e mail us at soundinhaler@yahoo.co.uk

Spidy Agutter: David Cunliffe - drum kit and electronics / Anthony Donovan - 6 string bass and electronics. Live improvisation

Steve Beresford Anna Homler Richard Sanderson: The trio of Californian experimental vocalist Anna Homler and British free improvisers Steve Beresford and Richard Sanderson first met at the Copenhagen Festival of Experimental Music in 1999 in a concert of “Toys ‘n’ Noise” put together by the toy player Martin Klapper. They have continued to play together whenever possible and have played at the London Musicians’ Collective International Festival of Experimental Music at London’s South Bank and at a concert in Liverpool broadcast on BBC Radio 3’s “Mixing It” programme / Steve Beresford – Toys, Low Grade Electronics, Sampler, Effects / Anna Homler – Vocals, Toys, Objects / Richard Sanderson – Toys, Effects, Sampler, Accordion / http://linearobsessional.weebly.com

Steve Moyes: is an experimental improvising musician, multi-instrumentalist  and composer based in Kent, England. His main instuments are cello, electric guitar and xaphoon, and he makes extensive use of electronics, live looping and computer processing. Steve collaborates with a wide variety or musicians and artists in other media, including film, dance, live drawing/painting and spoken word. He is always keen to be involved in new projects, collaborations and live performances /  http://linearobsessional.weebly.com

Stirner: [...]

Stormhat: makes sounds for daydreams and mental excursions. Not to forget oneself but maybe to discover new aspects of the mind and body through its reactions. The music of Stormhat is not about anything but a mirror for what is going on in the listener. Stormhat sees sound as a material which can be modelled and formed as a sculptural material. Stormhat likes coincidencies and believes in fate

Sun-Inside: The project is one of the industrial centers of Ukraine in Donetsk, in the creation of music were used Programmable Korg synthesizers and samplers

SuperDios are Lucas Bolaño: guitars; Edu Comelles: field recordings; Jorge Marredo and Javier Piñango: synthesizers. The project born as a consequence of the alcohol abuse of the group members / More info: http://lucasbr.bandcamp.com/ http://www.educomelles.com/ http://satisfaccionlab.blogspot.com.es/ http://www.experimentaclub.com/data/f_metamars/0index.htm

suRRism: [...] pRoretroarticulaRRism

Sylvia Hallett: I am a musician, and play violin, accordion, bicycle wheel and more, and compose and play music for theatre, dance - see h2dance, and radio plays. Also play solo (improvised music with electronics) and play with the London Improviser's Orchestra. review of album with Mike Adcock and me http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=37682 / http://www.sylviahallett.co.uk / http://www.myspace.com/sylviahallettmusic / Monika / This is a texture. A sea. The pebble picture that goes with it is also a texture. A world that sits in a sea. Sometimes the sea drowns the world / items – harmonica and bicycle wheel, looper, pitch-shifter, delay, splicer / www.sylviahallett.co.uk / www.myspace.com/sylviahallettmusic

Thanato Twist with Oleg's Sound System: http://thanatotwist.blogspot.fr/

The Horse Trio: are a London based improvising trio formed in 2012 by Sue Lynch (saxophones and flute), Hutch Demouilpied (trumpet and flute) and Richard Sanderson (melodeon and amplification) / http://linearobsessional.weebly.com/

The Implicit Order: is not involved in any wave, stream, genre or scene. I/O started in 1989 as a Mail Art project and by theearly 90’s it developed into a musical project incorporating many of the early Industrial/Experimental ideas of the late 70’s, 1980’s and beyond. I try to inject a sense of the Occult, humor, the unknown and an off-kilter view into the image and recordings / Contact: theimplicitorder@gmail.com / Web: http://theimplicitorder.bandcamp.com/

The Ishihara Test: are Matt Wilcock and David Cunliffe. Both perform solo projects and also play in various projects/bands/outfits. This is their first collaboration. They are pleased with the results and
hope you may be too! Matt Wilcock is a member of 'The Hang Project', 'Death Masks' and performs and records as 'Helix Helix'. David Cunliffe is a member of 'Spidey Agutter' and performs and records as 'Igor's Roomy Labcoat' and 'Coffin Boffin'. It is always a pleasure to play and listen to music and especially so to find companions who enhance the journey, be well!

Thomas Fernier: [...]

Trans Atlantic Rage/Balogh: http://www.alteredstateofmine.net / http://www.facebook.com/jared.balogh / https://www.twitter.com/J_BALOGH1 / http://www.freemusicarchive.org/music/Trans_Atlantic_RageBalogh

V.A.G.U.E.: Ellis Hawkins: Soprano Saxophone / Chris Smith: Drums / Live at SubSound Studio Stoke 08.02.13 / Recorded on a borrowed iphone

VeDaKR: is a project/nickname of sound artist Matej Velkavrh, from Predoslje, Kranj, Slovenia, Europe. It was first used as a nickname when Matej was working in local youth centre. He released an EP of various artists VeRaKR, an album of sacral folk music recorded in local youth centre. He would later start a movement called MaSaKR, that didn't live long. It was a political movement asociated with local youth council, that run local youth centre called Mladinski Kulturni Center Kranj or MKC Kranj or MKCK. He later released 6 short albums as VeDaKR and one single on Nowaytwowayout netlabel

Vincent Berger Rond: [...]

Vor Onus with Sinjo Thraw Mash: Gene Bonding Failure / Vor Onus of Kansas City / Sinjo Thraw Mash of East Moline, IL / Sinjo Thraw Mash is Jason Whitmarsh

Wehwalt: is an individual in the sense defined by the german philosopher Max Stirner in his book Der Einzige und sein Eigentum ( The ego an dits own). He always refused to be limited to movements and schools. Since 1989, his conception of music leads him to a new attitude of no definition and a quest of new spaces of constant metamorphosis. Polymorphous entity, he gives priority to unique and spontaneous performances, combining unpredictable sonic textures with an inner self poetic inspiration in order to produce a « mise en abime » and a special kind of pyschic and physical creation / otorragie.blogspot.com

Wilhelm Matthies: [...]

Zilmrah and Vor Onus: Directional Non-Force Technique / Lawry Romani (Zilmrah): Synthesizers / David Tamura (Zilmrah): Circuit Bent Omnicord / Jason Hoover (Vor Onus) : Synthesizers


0020 survey / 30th November 2012

117 participating acts, with 108 pieces of music and 23 short-films. No more musical chairs. Please be nice to one another. 

0020 survey is dedicated to the memory of Robert Chrysler

02_Elements: In spring 2012, I began inviting players whose work I like to contribute improvised parts towards a long-term project with the working-title of 'Elements'. The intention was that each player contributes in isolation, without any knowledge about the other players taking part. After gathering a workable pool of these parts, I then began composing with these elements - processing, editing and such like - along with adding my own work. This is the seventh of these pieces, comprised of myself and one other player: 02_Elements. Improvisers: Anthony Donovan: electric contrabass, acoustic bass, percussion, electronics, voice, field recording / Daniel Heikalo: kitchen cupboard orchestra, GRM tools developed at IRCAM Paris France, Spektral Delay / Composer: Anthony Donovan. (Anthony Donovan, November 2012)

04_Elements: In spring 2012, I began inviting players whose work I like to contribute improvised parts towards a long-term project with the working-title of 'Elements'. The intention was that each player contributes in isolation, without any knowledge about the other players taking part. After gathering a workable pool of these parts, I then began composing with these elements - processing, editing and such like - along with adding my own work. This is the eighth of these pieces, comprised of myself and three other players: 04_Elements. Improvisers: AG Davis: voice / Anthony Donovan: acoustic guitar, electronics, voice / Hal McGee: synthesisers / Thomas Fernier: bass sounds / Composer: Anthony Donovan. (Anthony Donovan, November 2012)

4-PARAL-LEL : Ayato, Anthony Donovan, José D. a double-deaf trial called PARAL-LEL: several artists/musicians were invited to contribute one or more tracks of about three minutes which are randomly combined. editing (minimal) and mix: Hopek Quirin and Kris Limbach. this is the fourth result of the experiment

5-PARAL-LEL: MaCu, Jochen Arbeit. 5th result of the double-deaf experiment with electric guitar (played with knife) by MaCu and electronics by Jochen Arbeit

06_Elements: In spring 2012, I began inviting players whose work I like to contribute improvised parts towards a long-term project with the working-title of 'Elements'. The intention was that each player contributes in isolation, without any knowledge about the other players taking part. After gathering a workable pool of these parts, I then began composing with these elements - processing, editing and such like - along with adding my own work. This is the ninth of these pieces, comprised of myself and five other players: 06_Elements. Improvisers: Jared C. Balogh: synthesiser / Anthony Donovan: percussion, voice, electronics / Philippe Petit: electric guitar, electronics / Oblivian Substanshall: ukelele / Crank Sturgeon: voice / Thomas Fernier: electronics / Composer: Anthony Donovan. (Anthony Donovan, November 2012)

6-PARAL-LEL: Bryan Lewis Saunders, Hopek Quirin. 6th result of the double-deaf experiment

7-PARAL-LEL: Kris Limbach, Hopek Quirin. Kris Limbach: turntable, tapes, electronics / Hopek Quirin: electric mandolin. 7th result of the double-deaf experiment

09_Elements: In spring 2012, I began inviting players whose work I like to contribute improvised parts towards a long-term project with the working-title of 'Elements'. The intention was that each player contributes in isolation, without any knowledge about the other players taking part. After gathering a workable pool of these parts, I then began composing with these elements - processing, editing and such like - along with adding my own work. This is the tenth of these pieces, comprised of myself and eight other players: 09_Elements. Improvisers: Adrian Beentjes: field recordings / Mark Browne: percussion, objects / Matt Chilton: laptop, clapping / AG Davis: voice / Anthony Donovan: contrabass, electronics, voice / Michael Durek: theremin / David Fenech: *unknown / Sonia Paco-Rochia: bassoon / Thomas Zunk: Moog Etherwave Theremin, Boss RE-20 Space Echo twin pedal, Electro-Harmonix Talking Machine / Composer: Anthony Donovan. (Anthony Donovan, November 2012)

A Xperisougs: lost tapes / http://soundcloud.com/xperisougs

AG Davis: i address myself purely to the body, for the body's means.  the body is redundant: it repeats itself so that it can begin to exist---AG DAVIS (2011)

AG Davis and Jamison Williams: May 6, 1937 - Maniacal and amorphous word-less stream of consciousness throat-thrashing meets mangled and mutilated woodwind on side A. Side B is the equivalent of the smoke afterwards, the eerie hum of reality closing in again. AG Davis (voice and electronics) and Jamison Williams (alto-saxophone) are both involved with Vantage Bulletin Publishing, an experimental, noise, and free improvisation label based in Jacksonville, Florida. To fit the succinct 7” format, Davis and Williams cut to the core of their musical approach and hit the straight to catharsis–button." ---Morten Brohammer

aka_bondage: [...]

Alex Drool and Zohar Shafir: Quartz Fail / It's already a million degrees outside - already ---- past sentinel and in stealth...avoiding black dove custodian, up,up,up..disregarding smoke signals air billowing ..into house arrest/a safe haven. disgruntled hunting expedition, relics from failed attempts of yore-- conjuration commence.....follicles debris, purple silver tinsel & saliva ---- light beacons shine inwards - warning reads: "extra-fine". she's tired.."go to sleep"

Alexei Borisov, Olga Nosova, Giuseppe Birardi and Dario Fariello: Composed, played and recorded in October 2012, at A-Spirale studio in Napoli / Alexei Borisov - Korg monotron, dictaphone, voice / Olga Nosova - drums, percussion, voice / Giuseppe Birardi - trampet / Dario Fariello - sax, megaphone / Mixed and edited by Giuseppe Birardi, Alexei Borisov / Special thanks: Mario Gabola, Maurizio Argenziano

Alvari Lume: Night Poems are a series of free improvised solo guitar suites that are recorded in one take/suite as a document of the moment and published in order as they were no matter what happened during the recording. each of these suites are done without any pre thoughts and are expressions of emotions of that precise moment / Alvari Lume (aka Jaakko Savolainen) is a free improviser guitarist, born 1970 in Helsinki, Finland, current location Espoo / “Alvari Lume’s music is an emotional stream in constant evolution,” says Italian composer, Emiliano Pietrini , who records under the name,  Globoscuro, “Alvari’s radical improvisation is like an illumination. Images and sensations evolving according to the rhythm that explodes from the heart of the performer. A perpetual motion of inspiration. What you hear is a kind of struggle: The thoughts expressed by each instrument fighting among themselves. But it is a harmonic struggle harmonic. A quiet chaos…a shiny madness.” / http://alvarilume.weebly.com/ / http://soundcloud.com/alvari-lume

Anbis: Tups is piece of Sound Design/Sonic Art that explores the relationship between a low tone and a variety of partials that can be extracted from that tone. It also tries to create a feeling of fluidity of pitch by using a number of glissandi effects / http://soundcloud.com/anbis

André Damião: http://andredamiao.hotglue.me/

Anla Courtis: Salbutamon Crowd Surfing / recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2011 / www.myspace.com/courtis

anotherAntidote: [...]

Anthony Donovan and John Hyatt: words by John Hyatt / Music by Anthony Donovan and John Hyatt

Arcane Waves: [...]

Art Electronix: [...]

Astral Social Club: “Twenty years from now, if I get asked to come up with a list of records or artists that speak of the late 2000s, then Neil Campbell’s Astral Social Club, and very definitely this second full-length for VHF, will be on it. The collision of electronic and acoustic textures is extreme and compelling all at once – spastic drum machines, flickering synthesizer riffs, mangled guitar lines and countless other bits of sonic debris cluttering and then overloading the stereo spectrum. This density of sonic information, packed into every ASC piece, overwhelms, and aurally approximates our own daily information flood, suggesting that instead of resisting it, maybe we should ride it.” (Matthew Wuethrich, dusted) “Neil Campbell is a one-man subculture. In 30 years of music-making in various configurations of improvised rock, psychedelia and electronics, he has released hundreds of hours of recordings, mainly in micro-editions of home-produced cassette, CD or mp3, and collaborated endlessly with a global network of musicians that have fallen through the cracks of genre or stylistic allegiance. Since separating from Leeds-based guitar drone group Vibracathedral Orchestra in 2006, he has mainly concentrated on his activities as Astral Social Club.” (Joe Muggs, the arts desk) “Given Neil Campbell’s musical track record, it may be surprising to hear him state that, “I don’t take psychedelic drugs.” With a penchant for experimentation, Campbell’s hallucinogenically inclined pallet has been an important presence on the British side of the experimental pond for years now. Having left the rock-drone pursuits of Vibracathedral Orchestra in favor of his own unit, Campbell continues to explore levels of electronic catharsis on this album, which moves from techno-inspired ravers to drifting expanses of electrified psychedelia.” (Henry Smith, brainwashed)

Ayato and Naoki Ishida: [...]

Blutwurst Blutwurst: record live in a concert in Grosseto in july. The musicians in this piece are: Edoardo Ricci (alto sax), Marco Baldini (trumpet), Cristina Abati (viola) and Michele Lanzini (cello)

Bob Ostertag: Mark Dresser - contrabass / Gerry Hemingway - percussion / Phil Minton - vocals / Bob Ostertag - sampler / Say No More is a unique ensemble in the history of music. On the surface it is simply a superb quartet featuring four virtuosos. But through innovative use of computer technology, the group coexists with a digital mirror of itself. Changing form as it becomes virtual, then flesh and blood, then virtual again, Say No More combines the emotional power of live performance with the technical power of computer music, making a hybrid that transcends both media. Ostertag began Say No More by sending the three instrumentalists, separately, into studios with no instructions other than to record improvisations. Using a computer, Ostertag then took these tapes and reconstructed them into a "band" that played works he composed from fragments of the improvisations. The remarkable recording that resulted, Say No More, is possibly the first recording ever released by a band that had never played a note together. Ostertag then returned this recording, along with a score, to the musicians. In effect they were challenged to re-learn their own playing, but as heard through the prism of Ostertag's work. When the musicians gathered to rehearse, the ensemble began to develop a life of its own through the direct interaction of with the musicians struggling to perform the computer-derived material. In October 1993, the ensemble made a live recording at ORF-Vienna which was released as the band's second CD, Say No More in Person. It features the same compositions that Ostertag developed on the computer, performed in their transformed, concert rendition. Ostertag put the live recording back into the computer, exploded it once again into little bits, and assembled a new work, Verbatim, released in 1997. The group premiered the live version of Verbatim at the Taktlos Festival in Switzerland, 1996. A performance in Gent Belgium was released in 2000 as the fourth and final CD, Verbatim Flesh & Blood

Bob Ostertag and Anthony Donovan: Dad Infinitum / Includes possible sounds by Phil Minton, Fred Frith, Otomo Yoshihide, Mark Dresser, Gerry Hemingway, Justin Bond, Charles K. Noyes and Bryan Medwed.

Boss Magliocchi MaCu: Matthias Boss: violin / Marchello Magliocchi: sounding sculptures / MaCu: guitar, vocal, sound bowl

Brennan and Hyatt: [...]

Bryan Lewis Saunders: Cornbread (from Nola's Crack House) / Johnson City, TN, USA / 2012 / http://bryanlewissaunders.org

Cagey House: Beetles are cool, and so are butterflies. Monkeys also, except when wearing clothes. (Some exceptions allowed.) Alligators run hot and cold, especially if there are crocodiles around, which trump them every time. Lizards are always welcome. As are crows. Marmots are sentimental favorites, although mythical. So are dancing bears. Bears on bicycles, however, are real, and so are bears that eat people. Both should be treated with respect. Hogs are okay, I guess. And half a snake is better than no snake at all

Chevo Légé and Pier de Beyr: homologue dans son avancée / chevo légé: guitare à l'archet, guitare aux doigts, percussions / Pier de Beyr: violon à l'archet, violon aux doigts

Chris Lynn: Description: Audio-Title-Evening Clouds over Tawes Hall / Film-Title: Carderock Sunday: A b/w super 8 film / Description: Sunlight on Potomac, leaves in shade, wind, documenting, small journey / Bio - Chris H. Lynn is a filmmaker, sound artist, educator, and curator. His sound pieces consist of field recordings, minimal compositions, and audio from his films. His digital images and super 8 films capture the subtle rhythms of light, movement, and sound in urban and rural landscapes. His work has been screened in galleries and festivals across the globe. Chris also curated the Experimental Film Program / “Urban/Rural Landscapes” for the Utopia Film Festival in Greenbelt, Md and the Takoma Park Experimental film festival in Maryland 2010. To learn more about Chris, visit: framingsounds.wordpress.com/

Christian Munthe and Christian Jormin: Title: MEANDER / By Christian Munthe (acoustic guitar) and Christian Jormin (drums & percussion) (STIM) / Time: 3:05 / Recorded: 2009

Colin Webster: is a saxophonist from London. Postpetiole is taken from ‘Antennae’, an album of close-miked solo improvisations. These improvisations explore breath sounds, percussive sounds, resonance, extreme quiet, mechanical sounds (key/pad noise), sub-tones, multiphonics, overtones, 'non-notes', and combinations of these elements. ‘Antennae’ is available on cassette and download from Gaffer Records / http://colin-webster.blogspot.com

Crank Sturgeon: http://www.cranksturgeon.com / http://www.cranksturgeon.blogspot.com / http://www.twitter.com/crangst / http://www.last.fm/music/Crank+Sturgeon / http://www.soundcloud.com/user6719786

Crush!!!: Cute Chaos!!! / Crush!!! are Mark Browne, Sonic Pleasure and Ian Smith. Following a number of successful concerts this year, the group has recently been described as “the new jam”. The group utilises an array of found and home-made sound making devices combined with more traditional instruments within an improvisational context. Sonic Pleasure is famed for her unique crafting of sound from bricks and masonry, reducing much of her instrumentation to dust by the end of a concert with an orange haze clearly visible over the playing area. Some of the bricks will be transported from her home, others will be collected near the venue. She also plays flute. Mark Browne plays piranha and castrato saxophones (sopranino “the small one that bites” and soprano “the Farinelli pastiche”), broken glass, clarinet, earth, gongs, burnt piano and bones. Ian Smith plays brass in an extraordinary and creative manner. For this venture the aim was to exploit the use of recording methods and create music that was not simply a ghosting of the concert performance. The members of the group individually created their contributions (with Sonic P living in Manchester, Ian in London, Mark in Aylesbury this has become a activity necessary for ongoing interaction). For 0020 there was no compositional outline and the mixing and production was performed by Sonic Pleasure.
The activities of Crush!!! can be found at http://crushtime.bandcamp.com/ and are represented on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crush/#!/pages/Crush/347435088629590

Daniel Heikalo: a prepared/non-prepared guitar composition-improvisation piece that I cut-up and treated many of the fragments to electroacoustic manipulations. I also added percussive sounds I obtained from metal objects. They were edited in place and treated also. It contains prepared zither sections too. I also add the cover of the CD it is taken from. The electric prepared guitar at the end is by my friend Arthur Bull. The title means: In the grassy paths of the contaminated mountain

Dental Dames: Lora Bloom: Guitar, Vocals / Jamie Campbell: Bass, Vocals / Bonnie MacAllister: Vocals, Keys / DENTAL DAMES at JR's by Jeanine Campbell: The Tom Waits like creeping on the keyboard great voice bold the kind that gets your attention and makes you stop feeling so self-conscious, ready for a kind of bluestocking combat. Is this an art band? No it’s not. Literal, lyrical, for writers, but the words are loud and clear. You can see parts of the brain lighting up little gaslight lotus petals. In contrast to the structure, here the words walk unaided, capable little spiders all in their own right. There’s references and alliteration, it’s all decidedly—can I say it? Po-po-mo. There’s real poetry here, gem-like sounds that sparkle and turn, twisting facets, adding an inhale in what’s between, building under the ruby deepness that’s not been present yet. “I want to tell you” Bonnie banshees, face scrunched up, hard to resist her, word-person that I am, she’s one. Oh my god. Was that a museum reference. Why yes it is, it’s the Brooklyn. It’s a love song for Judy Chicago. Something drops. Somebody cheers, keeps cheering which goes nicely when the singer says ovular. The audience is skeptically intrigues. Is this like school? It’s a tribute. There’s something about a Roman Empire. Incantations, borderline witchcraft especially with Campbells heavy strumming, patiently following Bonnie’s list of names. Considering the third beer with money I don’t have. It’s OK, water’s better anyhow. More names. I ask the bartender for a glass with extra ice, don’t realize that I’m going to get it in a plastic cup. Names, people are afraid of hearing women’s names read like this memorial style, everyone from Isis to Virginia Woolf to Susan B. Anthony is there in monumental attendance. Jaime starts the next one, sarcastic eye rolling because what she’s saying is important to her. Lora takes over, eyes close like me when I squint in front of the camera. I’m surprised at the harsh his in her voice,the edge. I was used to something civil, and now there’s disobedience, but it’s the earthy type, stronger than it should be. Patti Smith but without the compromise, something True Blood lurking there that makes it like glossy gash of photoshopped on a cover model who’s too pretty for words. I wonder if my soul’s old enough to take it. There’s a space that opens up here, and I find I don’t want a beer, I want to watch and and I want to write because suddenly there’s volume, there’s a bed to crawl under, someone else there to figure it out. Bonnie’s transition is seamless, barely noticeable. The ice water tastes good, not Schuykill at all. Neat little stabs at the keyboard. The crowd breaks up, I step outside to join the satellite bunch who’s snapping phone photos, smoking cigarettes in heavy, dank air. I have no money and I’m sleepy, thinking about avocados and home, wishing I could pay better attention because there’s another band I want to see. But distortion and a guy wearing a freedom of ’76 t-shirt steps on. Black Mountain, whirl of noise but the pleasant kind, the quiet harmonic glow of late nights spent under red lights, something golden and forgotten, an uncountable noun. There’s a twirling motion to the sound that makes no sense at all but rolls out smooth. I stop writing and I wish I hadn’t. The guitar it makes me think of the sky, majestic and orange burnt with gray, abruptly tarnished. I think briefly about how now I can happily go home but I find I’m not ready yet, I'm already letting go here because there’s freedom, there’s something lovely in its own right. He’s been doing this for a long time, you know because he knows how to make you forget. The contraction and expansion of space, that’s what noise bands are about, sneaking past border control time

Donovan Romani Tamura: Grey Matter / Personnel: Anthony Donovan: 6 string bass, electronics / Lawry Romani: Korg MS20, Phonogene / David Tamura: tenor saxophone / Recorded in Northampton, UK, and New York, USA

Eggblood, and Aglaia is always wrong: Burn Away / Eggblood : vox, guitar pingin, fx and drums /horseblood @ mouth_in_foot - Birmingham 2010 / Aglaia : drums, synth. field recordings, rejiged /recorded  -  Athens 2011/2012 / http://soundcloud.com/eggblood / http://soundcloud.com/aquarious / more soon at http://mouthinfoot.net / perfect complete stranger and there right next to you... / mechaniseddysphoriajunkpoetrydrownedneurotic / statementsmouthinfootgarbagedunesbaldpets / dreaming...paused ... bluringfunctioninitiateseyebublingspeechassault / suffocatinghypothesisfalsegodeggbloodwrongprophesy / aglaiaabandonedestheticstubesteethburncircles

Elizabeth Veldon: [...]

Ergo Phizmiz: [...]

Exponential Negentropic Ensemble: Karolina Ossowska, violin. Asia Zielecka, flute. Jeff Gburek: prepared guitar. Composition and Assemblage by Jeff Gburek

Feeding Goats: Michael Hafftka - Synth, fretless nylon string acoustic guitar, fretless bass, flute, garahand, jaw's harp, vocals / Yonat Hafftka - theremin

Gino Robair: [...]

Grove of Whispers feat. Pixyblink:

Gurdonark: Remote uses a sequenced sample of an ocarina to paint a sound image of distance and solitude

Herr Penschuck and Karl-Friedrich Hacker: Annie Thing Goes On (2012) / Instant Movie shot in Spring 2012 - people come and people go. some are striking - some bore the shit out of you. what can you do? stay tight to the daily run. isn't there some severe truth in those moments never written in the official narratives? we come and we go and the account is rendered, finally. what is beauty today? the coincidence of a knitting machine and an umbrella on a breakfast table. or a piece of art sold to pay the last bills? the music renders a cut-up from footage taken fom one person in one place: the heidelberger printing press of edition bauwagen in action used by the editor himself. later playing on his saxophone. what never can happen outside this film. "Who is want to come (...)  I can invitate (...) She can stay my home..." (mahir cagri) - herr penschuck, conceptual and sound artist, born australian, based now in north west germany. founder of the german museum for printing stamps. member of ti*to - the trance industrial toy orchestra / www.herrpenschuck.eu / www.youtube.com/tiproduktionen

Hidekazu Wakabayashi: This is a piece that I composed with my original scale called "iceface typeB" which includes lots of micro tones in search of total new ways to compose music. The detail of the scale, how to use will be published when it's ready. Please let me know if you are interested!

Hopek Quirin, Anton Mobin and Ayato: [...]

Illi Adato & Guy Harries: From the Ov / Performed live 6 November 2012 at Tuesdays Post, The Retro Venue, London. Thanks to Georgina Brett / Illi Adato's work with altered-states of being as a Hypnotherapist provides an additional layer to his music. Creating within the field of free-improvisation, "one of the only, truly here-and-now art forms" he combines acoustic and electronic instruments to produces deeply penetrating sounds noises and frequencies / http://www.myspace.com/illlllllli / Guy Harries is a London-based composer/performer/sound artist. He performs with flute, voice, electronics and multimedia. He is also a singer-songwriter, practising electronic troubadourism with his laptop and voice / http://www.guyharries.com/

Infinite Gaaah: this is a dusting off of an old 4 track cassette recording, made spruce in commemoration of the passing of said 4 track recorder. a poppy of spool. listen out for other archaic manoeuvres herein

Invisible Sports: from album 'the future tastes' / http://invisiblesports.com/

Jared C. Balogh: Country: Pennsylvania, U.S.A. / http://www.alteredstateofmine.net, http://www.facebook.com/jared.balogh, https://www.twitter.com/j_balogh1, http://www.freemusicarchive.org/music/balogh

Jaroslaw Misiewicz and LIL: Angelic Problem / Jaroslaw Misiewicz - piano / Arkadiusz Nowacki - electronics / Marcin Tomczak - samples, mix

João Guimarães: oobvioenlouquece is a collection of works by João Guimarães. check also the following links to know more about oobvioenlouquece / http://oobvioenlouquece.blogspot.com / http://joaoguimaraesf.wix.com / http://oobvioenlouquece.bandcamp.com

John Hyatt and Jo Pearson: 'Little Boy Blue wants sweet words to make his love happy. Will he find them as he wanders through Professor Hyatt's glorious paintings? Who knows: but he sees and hears some strange stuff along the way. Maybe you will too...' / Music and painted images by John Hyatt / Video and animation by Jo Pearson / © John Hyatt and Jo Pearson, 2012

John Hyayt and Jo Pearson with Lewis Sykes: A new short film based upon a true account of the apparition of the Radiant Boy by John Hyatt and Jo Pearson with Lewis Sykes (background coding)

Jonathan Dilas und Mama Baer feat. Kommissar Hjuler: [...]

Justin Wiggan: The building has stopped. The dream was false. Doberman's with no voice boxes patrolling rented forests

Kalistongue: ( ........^ ) / http://andrewhowes.bandcamp.com/ / http://archive.org/details/DegreesOfAbsence

Kecap Tuyul: Between two carpets / If i had something to say, it would be written here: http://kecaptuyul.wordpress.com/

Kine: Meditation 4 / Recorded Spring 2012 at PAS Studios / Credit: Dah Ankh Khanh - Vocals, Brett Zweiman ($50 Doller Trumpet) - Guitar, Amber Brien (PAS) - Garrahand, Robert L. Pepper (PAS) - Electronics, Synths / Mixed and mastered at PAS Studios in Brooklyn, New York / The never has nought been seen through thought. Incantation station be fair to the internal sound of mind chaos. Prepare for your journey and suffer not because the transition is simply wonderful

Korhan Erel: http://korhanerel.com/ Korhan Erel is a computer musician, improviser, sound designer based in Istanbul, Turkey. He plays instruments he designs on a computer by employing various controllers. He also uses analog and digital electronics. He is a founding member of Islak Köpek, Turkey’s pioneer free improvisation group, which is regarded as the band that started the free improvisation scene in Turkey. He composes and designs sounds for dance, theater, installations and film. He collaborates with dancers, video artists and spoken word artists. Korhan’s computer performance system is called Omnibus. The instruments within Omnibus are a culmination of Korhan’s musical past and aesthetic choices. Omnibus instruments use concrete sounds (samples, field recordings), morphed and processed in realtime. They can be as simple as one single sample being played using a Nintendo Wii controller to a complex system that employs granular synthesis and spectral processing. The instruments are played interactively using Nintendo Wii controllers (Korhan’s choice of controller when he plays in ensembles with acoustic/electric instrument players), an iPad (used in solo/duo performances as well as ensemble concerts) and several midi controllers. Korhan spent two residencies at STEIM (Center for research & development of instruments & tools for performers) in Amsterdam, where he studied use of sensors in music performance and instrument design. He was a guest composer at the Electronic Music Studios in Stockholm in January 2011. He performed and had compositions played in radios, festivals in Turkey, Austria, Australia, Holland, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Russia, Greece, Sweden and the UK. He performed telematic concerts over Skype in Germany, Spain and the US. Korhan has played with the following artists: Alexandra Reill, Christian Asplund, Dirk Stromberg, Ecotone Experimental Theater, Erdem Helvacioglu, Han-earl Park, Ilknur Ayisik, Jonas Kocher, Karlheinz Essl, Kevin William Davis, Kirstie Simpson, Le Quan Ninh, Mark Alban-Lotz, Michael Fischer, Michel Doneda, Nikos Kyriazopoulos, Oguz Büyükberber, Richard Nunns, Sumru Agiryürüyen, Tolga Tüzün, Tom Soloveitzik, Wolter Wierbos, Yanael Plumet, mecha/orga (Yiorgis Sakellariou)

Krank Pappa: heralds The Hague's shady loft scene ... Being a partial outsider, he easily finds the freedom needed to develop his music slowly, as a pure non-musician creating his multi layered tracks by chance. Based upon location recordings on half broken equipment, possibly made in his own livingroom with unsuspecting visitors voxs; fx'd with sloppy freeware, and interspersed by retard musical notes squeezed into psychotic grooves / http://soundcloud.com/krankpappa / Debut EP coming soon - http://mouthinfoot.net

Krishve: Faint sounds in the far distance. Traces of music. This is a place between places. On a journey. A landscape of ressonance. Clouds of sound swirling in and out of focus. A dance of spectral veils. Shrapnels of filtered feedback echoing between the mountains. This is not about arriving but about traveling. A perpetually undecided state of mind. As we don't know anything about where we are going – apart from vague rumors overheard in conversations – we are free to let our imaginations build castles in the sky. Nothing is real. The thought leaves us in a vacuum – suspended in a dreamlike state – in the end as real as physical reality – because it is a world created by our subconscious. The world we live in is our sensory apparatus. A direct linkup to our past, to the beginning of the universe and to the future. Krishve uses a fairly limited assembly of hardware to create a completely improvised time travelling experience. A small mixer is the hub of operations, while several small synths, stompboxes, acoustic instruments, Krishve's body - anything that makes the required sound - provide the raw sound material. Everything is performed live and recorded directly to 2-track. The limitations of dedicated hardware and the discipline it requires is a source of creative inspiration. Krishve works as a composer and sound designer for performances/exhibitions including most kinds of multimedia, theatre and film /www.krishve.com

Leafcutter John: http://leafcutterjohn.com/

Lezet: May Everett Gant rest in peace and may God bless his generous soul for showing us what it means to be human. We're all minorities in this world

LIL: Daydreaming I / video - Marcin Tomczak / music - Arkadiusz Nowacki and Marcin Tomczak

M4SK 22: The Next Wave by M4SK 22. Music by m4sk 22, machinima by David Moss

Marco Oppedisano: 47-07 41st Street Apt. 2K Sunnyside, NY 11104 USA / Phone: 718-752-0106 / Cellular: 917-561-8875 / E-mail: marco.oppedisano@gmail.com / Website: www.reverbnation.com/marcooppedisano / Marco Oppedisano is an American guitarist, recording artist and composer whose compositions focus on the innovative use of electric guitar in the genre of electroacoustic music. His compositions have utilized multitrack recording and extended performance techniques for electric guitar and bass. In addition to musique concrète, recent compositions by
Oppedisano also consist of "live" electric guitar in combination with a fixed playback of various electronic, acoustic (specifically female voice courtesy of his wife, Kimberly Fiedelman) and sampled sounds. His electroacoustic music has been described as “...mindbending music for guitar and electronics...hear Oppedisano’s intricate roar.” (Time Out New York) “...for those unafraid of seeing the world through a distorted mirror, they make for some of the most willfully unaccommodating and hauntingly intense music out there at the moment." (Tokafi) “…[Mechanical Uprising] is an important work..” (Mark S. Tucker – FAME) Since 2003, Oppedisano has held various concerts featuring his electroacoustic works for electric guitar and works for live electric guitar and CD playback. Oppedisano has three solo album releases on the OKS Recordings of North America label (OKSRNA): Mechanical Uprising (2010), The Ominous Corner (2008), and Electroacoustic Compositions for Electric Guitar (2007). Also in 2008 on OKSRNA, Oppedisano collaborated on an album with David Lee Myers (aka. Arcane Device) called Tesla at Coney Island. In 2012, his music was featured in a short film by Don Cato called “Dead Man Rides Subway” and was premiered at the Queens World Film Festival. Television appearances by Oppedisano include the Discovery Channel and CUNY TV. He has had compositions programmed on WNYC "New Sounds," WFMU, BBC Radio 6, CBC Radio 2 and various other internet radio stations. Oppedisano has also live on WOR710 in New York City, Vin Scelsa's long running radio program, "Idiot's Delight" and done radio interviews for Kalvos and Damian’s New Music Bazaar. Oppedisano’s music have been reviewed by a variety of publications and he has done online interviews for online music sites such as Guitar-Muse, Tokafi and Contemporary Guitars Blog He was also profiled in a book of distinguished State of the Axe: Guitar Masters in Photographs and Words by renowned photographer, Ralph Gibson. (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, October 2008). His works have been performed and heard in various areas around the world and are all published through his company, Out Your Ear (ASCAP). In addition to his electroacoustic music, Oppedisano has had works performed by the Fireworks Ensemble, Glass Farm Ensemble, Morris Lang and The Brooklyn College Percussion Ensemble, The Zyryab Guitar Quartet of Portugal, and distinguished guitarists; Oren Fader and Kevin R. Gallagher. He has recorded for Capstone Records (Vox Novus 2003 60x60 project) and performed the music of Glenn Branca. Oppedisano is also featured with Tom Buckner on an electroacoustic composition titled, “Hoodlum Priest” by Noah Creshevsky (Hyperrealism, 2003 [Mutable Music -17516-2]). Oppedisano also served as editor and producer for First Flight, a solo classical guitar disc by the prolific New York City based guitarist, Oren Fader. Oppedisano is a native of Brooklyn, New York and currently resides in Queens, New York. He holds a BA in Music Composition from the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music and an MA in Music Composition from the Queens College Aaron Copland School of Music

Matthias Boss: [...]

Miquel Parera Jaques: The Sunset of Complexity / (NX017_Score01-2012-10-28_05_14_55) time: 3'26'' [eng] The Sunset of Complexity. It is necessary for the development of a new mental paradigm, the exponential growth of the complexity. There is, however, a limit beyond which descends steeply to negative levels. It is the dawn of simplicity. Surely you have experienced many times, when after much thinking to a problem, the solution is very simple. [cat] El Capvespre de la Complexitat.Cal, per al desenvolupament d'un nou paradigma mental, el creixement exponencial de la complexitat. Hi ha, però, un límit, a partir del qual descendeix bruscament fins a nivells negatius. És l'alba de la senzillesa. Segurament vostè ho haurà experimentat moltes vegades, quan després de donar-li moltes voltes a un problema, troba que la solució era molt senzilla.[esp] El Atardecer de la Complejidad.
Es necesario, para el desarrollo de un nuevo paradigma mental, el crecimiento exponencial de la complejidad. Hay, sin embargo, un límite, a partir del cual desciende bruscamente hasta niveles negativos. Es el amanecer de la sencillez. Seguramente usted lo habrá experimentado muchas veces, cuando después de darle muchas vueltas a un problema, encuentra que la solución era muy sencilla. Tech: LiveCoding improvisation with Supercollider programming language. Image: nxComposition023a (Miquel Parera Jaques)

Murmurists: A piece of music, dubbed 'Nibiru_haemosex', a piece of film, dubbed '127'; both made by Anthony Donovan, as Murmurists, at Cafe Abdab, England, sometime during 1963-2012. Things you may hear: Bach Utensil 911 played by a Quartertonal Prog Elvis; also, Geddy Lee Helium Voice harpooning omenta. Things you may see: Soutine thick line as Alfred Jarry Rifle Gap, Colorado, 1971, at fahrenheit 452

Nate Young: Wolf Eyes Demons Hatred Regression Toxoplasmosis Stare Case Moon Pool and Dead Band Overspace / http://www.wolfeyes.net/nateyoung/

Noise Research Vs. Joincey: Collaboration via mail / digital transfer from Noise Research (aka Ian Simpson) and Joincey (Inca Eyeball). Noise Research's source material was created, edited and 'mailed' digitally. Joincey transferred to 4 track analogue cassette and added to / reworked the source material.  Cassette tape sent by post to Graham Dunning to be re-digitised.  Finished track sent back to Noise Research via digital means

Oblivian Substanshall: is an amateur entertainer with an obsession for the absurd. His favourite colour is turquoise, and chips are never that far from his lips. His favourite movie is Holy Mountain by Alexjandro Jodorowsky, which he hasn’t seen all the way through yet. His favourite tipple is cognac and cider and the occasional glass of water. His influences range from dreaming, a hearty breakfast, decent underwear, and anything silly. His favourite band is nobody in particular, and his favourite artist is a fictitious character called Mr Banana

Owl Brain Atlas: Thank You / J. D. Nelson: Vocals, Noise, Programming / November, 2012 / OWLNoise.com

Øystein Jørgensen: Aka..Ambient Fabric / Area 51

Pablo Ribot: Ingravidez / 2012

Painburn: shyness is a State of being noble, is the soul which dress shoes elegant and distinguished, this guitar notes are timid, this track is an ode to shyness

Patrizia Mattioli: patrizia_mattioli@fastwebnet.it / Spectrale Traviata music for Poetry Happening in Reggio Emilia. The Spectrale Vision of Violetta's dead and granular words.....

Philippe Petit & Friends: Multiversal / David Tamura: Saxophone / Ron Anderson: Electric Guitar / Robert L. Pepper: Korg Ms 2000 / Philippe Petit: Fender Rhodes + Tubular Bells + Synths + Electric Psalterion + Electroacoustics + Kazooed-Voices / www.philippepetit.info
Pixyblink: [...]

Prometheus (Unbound) vs W.T. Richards: Friction Rub (Pericardial) / Instrumentation: Synthesizers, Soft Synths, Keyboards, Field Recordings, Electronic Treatments, Live Sampling, Samples, Percussive Sounds, Electronic Noises and Interference Sounds. Heart sound recordings and samples care of the NHS, Doctors & Staff. (Recordings used for training and identifying various heart conditions and anomalies)

Ronny Wærnes: Double No Input

Rose Bolton: www.rosebolton.com / Firmament of Time / My mother was a fantasist, visionary and an amateur astronomer. As a kid, she would take me to a rocky point in Killbear park (near Parry Sound, Ontario), and we would gaze deep into the night, observing and identifying shooting stars, planets and constellations. Over a period of 6 years until 1996, she constructed an intricate quilt, applying tiny phosphorescent beads to represent the milky way. A few years later she painted a number of acrylics on canvas about the night sky. One in particular is a visual depiction of a mysterious dream. In response to her art, Firmament of Time… is about stars, the unending scope of the universe and the unfathomable dark caverns of our own minds. I would also like to thank the City of  Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council for funding the creation of this work. The premiere of this work was at New Adventures in Sound Art, with John Kameel Farah, piano, and the electronic sounds came out of an eight channel speaker system, diffused live, through customized controllers / Bio: Based in Toronto, Rose Bolton creates music for documentary films. She is also well established as a composer who creates and envisions new sounds in the areas of classical and electronic music. She has written and produced full scores for four hour-long television documentaries for the CBC main network: Who’s Sorry Now?, The Disappearing Male, Surviving the Future, and End of Men. In 2011 she was commissioned by the Canadian Music Centre to create a sound and video installation for Toronto’s 2011 Nuit Blanche. The finished work, The Crown of the Bell, was produced in collaboration with film artist Marc de Guerre, and over 1000 people experienced the piece during the all-night event. Her concert music has garnered awards and grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council; and her work has been performed across Canada by the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, the Vancouver Symphony, the Esprit Orchestra, Tapestry New Opera, L’ensemble contemporain de Montréal, New Music renowned Aradia Ensemble. Her music has been broadcast extensively on CBC radio and has been performed throughout Europe and North America

Rosendo J. Rocha: wen / dark meditative improvisational experimental electronic / 343 / acoustic improvisational experimental, castanets, jar, ukulele, acoustic guitar / http://rosendorocha.bandcamp.com / https://vimeo.com/rosendojavier / https://www.facebook.com/netcollab

Ruela Pinho and Z(enseider)Z: Music/soundart - Lack of Belief by Z(enseider)Z | video art by Ruela / Image -  Lack of Belief by Ruela / Text - by Z(enseider)Z: [start of track introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order and everything becomes chaos... I'm an agent of chaos... oh and you know the thing about chaos... it's fear[music drops in] [end of track] do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars... I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it. Y'know I just DO things... The mob has plans The cops have plans They're schemers, schemers trying to control their little worlds I'm not a schemer I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are

Satisfacción Lab: Jorge Marredo was born in Badajoz, Spain, in 1977. Self-taught, his work encompasses styles ranging from field recordings, to the soundscapes, from electronics with analog synthesizers, the radio art, noise and psychedelia. His work is essentially published on netlabels, particularly in the U.S.A, but also in Belgians, Argentines, English and Spanish; he has participated on compilations with Eduardo Polonio, Llorenç Barber, José Iges, among others. He has also been invited to participate in the Ciclos de Música Imprevista (Cycles of Unplanned Music), organized by the collective Antipasto, and has played with free improvisation groups / More info: Blog: http://satisfaccionlab.blogspot.com.es/ / Twitter: @satisfaccionlab / Some sounds: http://soundcloud.com/satisfaccionlab

Shaun Robert: Born 25 2 66 in Brixham, Devon. Started recording, making music from about the age of 8, it's not very clear. Using tape machines by utilizing the pause button, crash editing sounds
together; not seen as a form of art, more away to understand, adapt the world around him. Using a catalogue of pseudonyms, to do various projects. These creative outings became more and more like an imaginary friend, coloring things with a rainbow of the minds eye

Sinus Buds: [...]

Sonervol: [...]

Sonvol: [...]

Sound inhaler: d.2012 / travelogue part 2 / Slogans have become the tools of oppression!!! / soundinhaler@yahoo.co.uk / soundcloud.com/soundinhaler / discogs.com/artist/Sound+Inhaler

Spidey Agutter: Owing knowing and small hours to pay in. Down in the trenches, where the laughter sounds like belches. Automatic writing...........only when the fish be biting. What cannot be faked cannot be escaped. I know you know I know that we both know what we owe and knowing what we know is what we owe now. In the still small hours, daylight to come and nurturing darkness holding me afloat in arms of expectant possibilities, I lay with chance to listen.... the quiet calm voice spoke in it's deafening sure silence, all doubts dispersed, unsureities banished....do it all now cause down in the trenches the laughter sounds like belches

Stirner: [...]

Stormhat: This time Stormhat has chosen to work without the use of fieldrecordings and has instead used the handmade synth bC8R – made by the great Ben Fischer – for improvisations which later are mixed and treated in the nice and flexible software Kenaxis by Stefan Smulovitz. The results are far from perfect as they ought to be as only the imperfect and clumsy continues to tease our taste which, admitted, may be a bit odd and mouldy

Sun-Inside: the track was written in early spring and the spring is filled with love, it I used a Korg sampler and virtual sintezatory.nazvanie I took such as Igor Stravinsky - The Rite of Spring

The Implicit Order: is not involved in any wave, stream, genre or scene

The Thud Experiment: The Thud Experiment - Sanity Cycle / An improvised performance 13th October 2012 / Igor’s Roomy Lab Coat – kaoss, feedback and whispers / Jack Twang – Electronic tonalities / Noel Kidderowski – Bass looping and FX / Mixed and mastered by Jack Twang / Recorded at Elusive Studios

Thomas Zunk and the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra BERIO: Thomas Zunk: edit of the rehearsal at Jazzkeller69, Berlin with the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra (BERIO), 8th November 2012 / THE BEST REHEARSAL YOU NEVER HEARD / Duration 6:23 / Personnel: Thomas Zunk - (Moog Etherwave Theremin, Boss RE-20 Space Echo twin pedal, Electro-Harmonix Talking Machine) / Niko Meinhold - Klavier (piano), Mbira / Tristan Honsinger - Cello / Alison Blunt - Geige (violin) / Denitsa Mineva - Geige (violin) / Wolfgang Georgsdorf - Geige, Stimme (violin, voice) / Andrea Sanzvela - Bratsche (viola) / Anna Kaluza - Altsaxophon (alto sax) / Manuel Miethe - Sopransaxophon (soprano sax) / Henrik Walsdorff - Tenorsaxophon (tenor sax) / Ricardo Tejero - Tenorsaxophon, Klarinette (tenor sax, clarinet) / Robert Würz - Flöte (flute) / Gerhard Gschlößl - Posaune (trombone) / Max Andrzejewski - Schlagzeug (drums) / Julian Bonequi - Schlagzeug, Objekte, Stimme (percussion, objects, voice) / Jan Roder - Bass (double bass) / Horst Nonnenmacher - Bass (double bass) / Stephan Bleier - Bass (double bass) / Antonio Borghini - Bass (double bass) / Ulf Mengersen - Bass (double bass) / Maresuke Okamoto - Bass (double bass)

Trans Atlantic Rage: Country: Pennsylvania, U.S.A. / http://www.freemusicarchive.org/music/transatlanticrage

Tumei Tejas and Michael Durek: Music by Michael Durek, Video by Tumei Tejas / Hurricane Sandy devastated the New Jersey shore, as well as New York City and areas surrounding them. This collaborative effort of video by Tumei Tejas and music by Michael Durek immerses the viewer in the emotional response to this loss and the memories associated with the place. After a 5 day power outage following Hurricane Sandy, Michael Durek plugged in his theremin and this melody came out rather spontaneously.  He was reflecting on the loss and frustration felt throughout the American Mid-Atlantic region.  The track uses a single theremin with an octave delay effect so that it loops over itself. The video montage by Tumei Tejas layers aspects of memory and loss over the ubiquitous power of nature. It reflects on the to and fro, the passage of time, breakdown of permanence, and the decay of that which is familiar and well-loved. We dedicate this project to all who have suffered loss through this disaster and by extension disasters others have faced. We also dedicate this video to the selflessness of first responders and all who have given to help those in need

Tunel and Anton Mobin: 7even / Tünel (Cisco C. & Monobloc Sound Fidelity) & Anton Mobin / http://www.tunel.fr/ / http://antonmobin.blogspot.fr/ / Recorded at the Maïzing Studio, Paris on June 20th, 2012. First contact in trio recorded in multitrack just before the “A Maïzing Session With...#43”,  and mixed later for Classwar Karaoke...

Tvlasunor: [...]

Twin Realities Dreamers: is a duo created in december 2011 in Montreal. The two members Damaris Baker and Ed End are also involve in video works http://larevolutiondemain.blogspot.ca/ Toward Reality Desert Part 3 is part of the Desire Sellotape, their third tape but first one to be released

V.A.G.U.E.: CWK-20 / Ellis Hawkins - Soprano Saxophone / Chris Smith - Drums

Vincent Berger Rond: Elle avait raison Hathor Description / Après la musique de l'homme (Un doux rêveur dans. Homme Sauvage dit.), voici la musique de la femme (Elle avait raison Hathor). Elle avait raison Hathor se veut déconnecté, hors de ce monde, en dehors du réalisme socio-historique lié aux thèmes choisis et surtout le moins terre-à-terre possible. Le projet ne se base même pas entièrement sur la mythologie (de laquelle il s'inspire librement). Ils'agit de se concentrer sur ce que je compose de mieux. Oui, il existait quand même un semblant de réalité dans Un doux rêveur dans. Homme Sauvage dit. Il s'agissait d'une erreur négligée et circonscrite depuis, l'ennemi sobre des cataclysmes inébranlables. Jusqu'à aujourd'hui, c'était seulement  l'erreur que l'on avait lue ! Elle avait raison Hathor complète également la logique derrière [{ }], celle d'une seule chanson et de quatre instrumentaux. Après avoir complété, une version vocale de la première composition avec l'aide de Laura Kilty, je me trouvais entièrement satisfait : la présence vocale omniprésente maintenant explorée, le texte dense résumant la thématique des autres textes, réunissant même les deux derniers projets à propos de l'homme et de la femme alors qu'il ne peut s'agir de que de la première chanson. Après Izanami, il me semblait que la musique devenait un contre-poids d'énergie positive ne confrontant les zones plus sombres qu'avec confiance et force. La légereté instrumentale de Maât m'a semblée toute nouvelle, nécessaire après une chanson saturée de partout. Les guitares de toutes sortes agissent comme la véritable voix de ce projet. Comme pour [{ }], les poèmes deviennent un lyrisme optionnel à celui qui veut les lire, rien n'est imposé, contrairement aux différends d'Izanami. L'interprétation demeure libre malgré mon amour pour la chanson lyrique et mon peu d'intérêt pour la composition de bruitage vocal (quelques-unes de mes compositions dans cette avenue me suffisent). After music about manhood (Un doux rêveur dans. Homme Sauvage dit.), here is music about womanhood (Elle avait raison Hathor). Elle avait raison Hathor is wanted disconnected, out of this world, outside socio-historical realism linked to the selected themes and mostly the least down-to-earth possible. The project is not even entirely based on the mythology (from which it is inspired freely). It is to concentrate on the composition that I do best. Yes, there was still a form of reality in Un doux rêveur dans. Homme Sauvage dit., it was a neglected mistake, now found out, the humble enemy of unwavering cataclysms. Until today, it was only the error that we had read ! Elle avait raison Hathor also completes the logic of [{ }] made out of one song and four instrumentals. After completing a vocal version of the first composition with the help of Laura Kilty, I found myself completely satisfied: the omnipresent vocal presence has already been explored once, the dense poem is including most of the elements of the other poems, also linking the two last projects about manhood and womanhood, yet it can only be the first composition musically and  lyrically. After Izanami, it seems to me that the music is becoming a counter weight of positive energy that only gets into dark zones with confidence and strength to get out. The instrumental lightness of Maât sounded all fresh suddenly, needed after a song that was saturated on all levels. The guitar of all kinds are the true voice of this project. Like in [{ }], the poems become an optional lyrical aspect to who want it, nothing is imposed, as opposed to the disagreements in Izanami. The interpretation remains free as much as I love lyrical songs and have little interest for the composition/collaboration with purely sound oriented vocal interpretation (a few of my compositions explored it in the past and that was enough). (Japan) The first gods summoned two divine beings into existence, the male Izanagi and the female Izanami, and charged them with creating the first land. (Egypt) Maât was the ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice. (Egypt) Hathor's cult is unusual. Many of them were artisans, musicians, and dancers who turned their talents into creating rituals that were nothing short of works of art. (Inuits) a young woman (Sedna) becomes the mother of all sea creatures. (Greeks) In the Odyssey, Homer describes her as 'The loveliest of all immortals,' living on the island of Aeaea. V What dominates most here are Fred Szymanski's several electric guitars whose sound and improv-flow are modified and recomposed by Vincent Berger Rond in late 2011; and Jim Goodin on banjo (Hathor) is important. V - Laura Kilty on vocal composition, singing, rewriting lyrics (Izanami). V Alexandra Fol on electric organ plays Hope of Dawn by Ana Paola Santillan Alcocer (Izanami); Bruce Hamilton's electronic pieces Rockplaco and Dark are remade (Maât; Circée); as is Steve Moshier's electronic piece The Far End of a Forgotten Street (Circée). Spectropol Records 2012 [SpecT 11] Some rights reserved: Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND

Vor Onus: [...]

Wayne Mason: is a writer and sound artist from central Florida, USA. He spends most of the time in a factory that pays little in the way of money, but dividends in misery and inspiration. http://brokenzen.wordpress.com/

Wilhelm Matthies and Paulo Chagas: “Lemmings Concert” is a graphic composition by Paulo Chagas. The included track icon shows the graphic composition. Wilhelm Matthies interpreted it to evoke the literal closeness and itchiness of many together, but also the dread of going over the edge. Paulo added to this mood with the soprano saxophone / Paulo Chagas http://soundcloud.com/pauloxagas
or http://soundcloud.com/zpoluras / FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/pauloxagas

Wilhelm Matthies and Pedro Duarte: “morning field, early fall-1” / This piece was made, in part, as a response to photo-field walks. The track icon is taken from one of those walks. A sense of organic seasonal change literally and metaphorically is the intent of this piece. Wilhelm Matthies on mosesa, a bowed instrument of his own invention, and Pedro Duarte on piano. It is part of a set we are working on and releasing on SoundCloud / http://soundcloud.com/wilhelm-matthies/sets/fields-2/ / Photo field walks can be seen on my Facebook site: http://www.facebook.com/wilhelm.matthies /
Pedro Duarte http://soundcloud.com/speedphrenia / Wilhelm Matthies and Pedro Duarte

Winter Umbrellas: [...]

Zilmrah Murmurists Tamura: Remote Viewing / Zilmrah: Eurorack Modular, 18 String Guitarwheel / Murmurists: 6 string bass, electronics / David Tamura: tenor saxophone / Recorded in New York, USA and Northampton, UK

Zoviet France: http://soundcloud.com/zoviet-france / http://www.mixcloud.com/zoviet_france/ / https://www.facebook.com/zovietfrance